Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A week in the life (v.2014.13)

I will apologize for the lack of posts in advance.  We are currently in Iowa and I don't have access to my Easter photos (and there are plenty).  We will be heading back next week and so those photos will be posted a week late.  I also haven't uploaded my phone photos for a couple of weeks, so some might be a little old.

Finn sent out some Easter Bunnies that she made the week before Easter.

Lucy decided to take up residence in Brother's Mamaroo...

A lot of times, this is the only way that I can get Fish to fall asleep if he refuses or is super cranky (and nothing else works).  You can see his little nose peeking through the two straps.

At 9 weeks, he started pulling his head up off my legs and holding it there.  He is still unsteady, but doesn't want to put his head back down.  I think he likes to see everything.

This was one of our good nights while E was away in Ireland two weeks ago.  She was finishing up watching her episode of Barney in Mommy's bed while I fed Fish.

E sent us this photo while he was away.  It is his Uncle Tony feeding one of the baby lambs that was born during his trip over.

Prepping Finn before our town Easter Egg hunt.

Showing Daddy who was in Ireland.

One of the delicious candy bars that E brought back for me.  He bought Finn her first Claddagh ring while over there.  She really liked it.

Seeing himself in the video.  Definitely doesn't like it as much as Finn did when she was small.

At 10 weeks, he found his hand again.  If you remember, once being placed on my chest after being born, he started sucking on his hand like this.

His shirt says "Single and loving it" -- it's from Granny.

In another post that is coming up next week, I made the decision to stay home with the kids.  We dressed Finn up really nice for her last day.

They were having their Easter party that day -- so they turned it into a "Finn Going Away Party".  She felt so special and is going to miss daycare, I think.

Auntie Anita sent an Easter package last week.  She filled the box with empty grocery bags so everything wouldn't bounce around inside during mailing.  Finn couldn't grasp the idea that all the bags were empty.  E took at least 10 videos of her trying to open all the things in the box.

Last weekend, we were visited by Mimi (my mom) and GramVicki (my mom's sister) as well as cousin Kristin (more photos next week).  Here Finn is "fixing" Kristin's wheelchair.

All the girls and Fish hit the grocery store on Saturday.  We took up the whole aisle.

We also had an Easter Egg hunt on Easter day in our yard.

E's friend Dave was also out for a visit this past weekend.  He gave Finn a gift -- you can hear the shoes in the video.  They are shoes that squeak with each step.  Daddy definitely thanked Dave later for those darn squeaky shoes.

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