Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Week in the life (v.2014.11)

Fish received the official White House welcome!

He was so exhausted from being excited to receive a note from the Prez that he fell asleep.

Someone's current obsession is "running away".  She will pack her bag and say "Okay, good bye, Mommy!"  I'll ask where she is going and her response is always "running away!"

Not excited about the lightening bolt on his shirt.  Definitely not.

Really, Mother Nature?!?!?!?  Are you honestly setting out to make me GO INSANE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
This was the scene out our window on Saturday late afternoon...

This was the scene as I let Munk out for his final potty break of the evening...  We ended with about 5 inches on the ground the following morning.  And that following day?  Yeah, 40 degrees...  What a muddy mess.

Snow dog is loving all the snow.

Hmmmm, why do they keep making all these faces at me?

Some of those faces are hysterical!

Early morning sibling snuggles.  Fish is just about as big as Finn is!  And now Finn is wanting to "hold Baby Brother" a lot.  And she doesn't quite understand that Baby Brother would knock her on her butt because he is so heavy.

Stealing Daddy's credit cards already.

So completely blessed.  Fish in the Mamroo and Finn "cooking dinner" at her table.

Makin' eggs for dinner.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we are currently dealing with.  It is a little red, but not as red as this photo shows -- I think it's from E's grip on it.

Waiting in the podiatrist's office.

He fell asleep in the waiting room.  But the poor boy didn't stay asleep for very long...  Post coming about THAT experience and his prognosis.  Also note his high-water pants as well as his shirt that isn't long enough to cover his gut.  I'm finally facing facts.  It's time to move sizes...

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  1. she can run away to meme house any time. owen says that too. i am running a way grandma. i tell don't run away from grand ma then he says that he that he will stay if we watch bull riding. lol.