Monday, April 14, 2014

Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting eggs...

This past weekend, Finn & I headed up to our town's annual Easter Egg Hunt.  With E away, I wanted to make sure that I was present for Finn (in case she needed help or moral support), so we left Fish with our neighbors.  I'm glad that I did leave him, because sister and I had a great time together!

Little model...

I was thinking that she was going to be scared of all the people and want to stick super-tight with me.  There had to have been about 200 people there.  While she didn't wander away, she didn't need to hold my hand either.  She was really comfortable and really excited when prompted.  That has more to do with the fact that I really amped up this whole Easter-Egg-Hunting thing to her all week, telling her how much fun it was going to be. 

Well, our town splits up the eggs groups.  Finn fell into the 2 & under group.  This is actually my first rodeo as a mom, so I wasn't sure what was going on.  When we got over to the area for the 2 & under, I noticed about 20 brown paper bags lined up in a row in their area.  My first thought -- "Where's all the eggs?"  Then the lady announcer stated that on her mark to let the kids go to get their bag.  What the hell?  Finn was utterly confused and really had to be prompted to pick up the bag.  I could tell that she was like "Where's my eggs, dude?"

As evidenced by the photo, she was NOT impressed with picking up a brown bag.  Again with this being my first rodeo, I tried to make the best of it and get her super excited about opening the bag.

We found a set of stairs out of the way (I thought) and set about opening up our bag.  Her reaction when she opened the bag and found eggs was pretty comical.  The bag contained about six eggs.

I had been rehearsing with her that inside the eggs were candy, so she knew exactly what to do.  They still were really difficult to open (even for me).  I would "start" the egg and hand it over so she could open it and see what was inside.  Each tootsie roll that was revealed was the best thing ever!

Then suddenly we were bombarded with people walking up our steps to go to the front of our township building.  They had also promised the Easter Bunny, so after we finished with our eggs, we set off in search of her.  Upon climbing the steps, we saw the front expanse of lawn was covered in Easter Eggs for the 5-7 year old group.  We were up in the far upper corner and there weren't very many older kids there.  So along with about 4-5 other parents of toddlers, when the whistle blew, we let our kids go.  I thought I was going to have to coach Finn a little.  Absolutely NOT!

She was a born natural.  She knew exactly what to do and she had such a look of concentration on her face.  Every photo I took of her picking up eggs had either her tongue sticking out or her lips being pursed or bit on.  She also knew that others were out for "her" eggs.  So she had her head up the entire time, even when scooping up the egg in front of her.  She missed quite a few eggs on the first shot due to that (see exhibit A above), but she made sure that no one was taking those eggs. 

She ended up with an additional 8-9 eggs in her basket for the actual Easter Egg hunt.  She was so excited for more candy!

Running off to sit down to open her eggs


Opening up her hard-earned eggs

An Easter victory!!!!

Of course, we couldn't leave the municipal complex without eating at least 4-5 of our tootsie rolls.  Her cuteness usually boils over when she asks for more of something.  She will say "One more!" or "One more time!" instead of saying "more" and so "One more!" usually turns into five more.

Notice the chocolate mug that she got from her five tootsie rolls...

Of course, we found the Easter Bunny before we left.  Girlfriend was NOT impressed with her, like not at all (and neither was I).  She didn't have any issues with standing next to her.  But she definitely wasn't excited waiting in line or during her photo.  In fact, after we walked away, I asked her what she thought of the Easter Bunny and her response was "huh?" like it never even happened...  But she definitely gave "It was fun!" for the Easter Egg hunt!

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