Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A week in the life (v.2014.12)

Born to be wild!

We were learning letters.  I told her that when you say the letter "O", your mouth looks just like the letter.  So we were comparing the letter with her mouth.

Sweet snuggles

Watch out, Clark Kent.  Here comes WonderKitty!

We hit the library last weekend.  Someone really enjoyed herself.

They have a fish tank in the children's area -- we were scoping out the big one.

Being silly in the library

The library had no less than 10 toddler puzzles, which we had to complete.  This one we did five times (at least) and she never got a single piece wrong.  Once she realizes that I'm videoing her, she decides to "forget" where the pieces go.

Playing with Baby Brother -- feeding him some numbers.

Mommy & Finn selfie

On Sunday, I got out her old 3-6 month clothes to see what gender neutral things I could pull for Brother.  (I really don't want to go out and buy long-sleeves as he will only wear them for a couple of weeks before summer hits.)  And Sister found some outfits that she really wanted to put on.  So we did.  Here she is sporting a 6 month shirt & diaper set.  She wore this ALL DAY LONG...

Showing us the back -- the bum ruffles

We took Daddy to the airport on Sunday.  She ate some chocolate yogurt covered raisins and ended up getting yogurt in between her eyes.  This was taken 15 seconds before she fell asleep (no joking).

Monday, Fish had his 8 week appointment with the doctor.  He was one happy clam.

Video evidence that he was a happy clam.  Because he isn't happy anymore (from the muscle soreness from the vaccines).

Monday night, we ate pizza.  It was her first time having ranch dressing.  Let's just say that she is a fan.

Showing Daddy that this is a 6 month outfit.  Big dude.

Finn had a fight with our kitchen table that morning.  I thought she was going to end up with a black eye.  Just a couple of scratches by that evening.

Chillin' with his Fish binkie.

Someone is the best big sister EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday morning, Finn was up and watching TV & Fish was still sleeping.  So I got up and jumped in the shower quick.  This is what I came back to - Finn was on binkie patrol (popping that sucker in whenever it fell out which happens often).

Brother loves watching her dance and jump.

This was our Tuesday night.  Finn didn't have a good night and threw tantrum after tantrum, finally falling asleep at 10pm.  Fish refused to sleep because he was sore from his vaccines and of course, I didn't have any infant Tylenol on the house...  Womp womp.

I love that the only thing you can see on the onesie is "mom's cranky? dad's not home?"  Because that was seriously our Tuesday night...

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