Monday, March 31, 2014

Gone fishin' at 8 weeks

At eight weeks old:
---Doing a very unscientific weighing, Fish is weighing in at 14.75 pounds today and is 24 inches long!  He has gained over 5 pounds & 2 inches in two months! At his doctor's appointment earlier last week, he weighed  14.5 pounds.  His official 8-week visit is at the beginning of next week and I'll get an official weight and length on him.
---So, he is sleeping well at night now.  We had some rough patches, but all in all, he sleeps pretty good.  Our usual routine is going to be bed about 8:30-9:00, feeding him and him falling asleep about a half hour later.  He usually gets up around 2:00-3:00am and then will get up again between 5:00-6:00am (the closer to 6:00am it is, the more he stays awake for the morning).  But for the past week, he has this mysterious cold that arrives at his 3:00am feeding, stays until around 7:00am and then goes away for the day, only to return again at 3:00am.  With the cold, he has been uncomfortable as he can't breath very well and sleeping really lightly between 3:00am -- 7:00am, which means that I sleep really lightly as well.

---Holy megawatt smile!  He has just started smiling constantly in the past couple of days.  Whenever I or Daddy greet him, he instantly lights up.  He even smiles for Sister sometimes.  He isn't much of a talker yet, but that has also amped up in the last couple of days.  His mouth is opening and closing and he is trying really hard to make sounds come out.  We get the occasional noise -- at first I was concerned, because Finn was talking at 4 weeks.  She was a babbler by 8 weeks.  But then I realized that he just isn't the talker that she is.
---He is still a good napper on most days.  He will take a good long nap in the morning -- 2-3 hours if we are lucky.  And he will take another good long nap around 4:00 - 5:00pm for an hour or two.  Then he catnaps during the other times.  He currently naps in the swing or the Mamaroo (sometimes in the bouncer) as I don't have anywhere to lay him him down yet.  Once we move the bassinet that we use to change him in the middle of the night out of our room, I'll move it downstairs and try to get him to nap in that (if he doesn't grow too long for it, which is close).

---He is currently outfitted in 0-3 month clothes.  The pants are too short and the shirts are getting too short as well.  I could probably easily transition him into 3-6 month outfits now (and have the clothes out in his room as we speak to see what we have in that size), but I'm reluctant to do it just yet as I have sooooo many 0-3 month clothes, but not a lot of 3-6.  He is already in 6 month sleepers.  And with the washing they get before they get put on, they are almost fitting perfectly.  They are just ever so slightly too long -- but that won't last for very long.  I'm thankful that the warmer weather is around the corner(hopefully), so I won't have to continually put him in sleepers until the fall.  I don't want to have to break out the 9 month stuff too soon. 
---He is in size 2 diapers.  We moved him over to that size two weekends ago.  

---He still has a love-hate relationship with his pacifier.  He has a natural suck tendency, which I didn't realize until a week or so ago.  Maybe that's why he is SO BIG ALREADY.  I was just feeding him every time he was start to make those fish-lips or he would start to root when I picked him up even if he had just ate an hour before.  In my mind, that meant that he was hungry and so I fed him.  Then he would spit up a lot of what he has just ate.  Mama The Brilliant here finally realized that he just wanted to suck, even though he refused to the pacifier.  So I've been giving him the pacifier more and it has eased his crankiness due to digestion and an overfull tummy.  He also refuses to take bottles.  We have tried four times with three different people and he just won't take them.  Yesterday I went out and bought Mam bottles (it's a nipple racket.  You can't buy just nipples because the base of the nipple is all different sizes, so you have to buy the bottle as well.  Total nipple scam.), which is the same brand of pacifier we use.  So I'm hoping with the similarity between the two, the bottle might come more quickly.
---He is doing better in his carseat.  At the beginning he was a dream, falling asleep instantly.  But now he really fusses.  I'm not sure if it's due to the dark canopy that I have to put over him because of the cold weather or if he just doesn't like the seat.  Eventually, he will fall asleep, but there are sometimes where he just screams and screams back there.
---But we are finally hitting our stride.  I'm figuring out his personality and he is figuring out that he seems to like us as his family. 

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