Monday, March 10, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.8)

Last Monday, Finn had her two-year check-up at the doctors.  She did amazing.  She is absolutely perfect according to us (and her doctor).

Fish also had his four-week checkup at the same time (trying to shoot two birds with one stone).  The nurse originally measured him in at 27 inches!  The doctor said that he was a big kid, but that she didn't think he was THAT big.  He wasn't -- 23 inches.  But she did comment about how huge of a baby he was.

Waiting for the doctor

Due to the afternoon appointment, Finn didn't get her full nap.  So while I was in the kitchen listening to the radio, she came running in and said "Hug you?  Hug you?" (her way of saying that she wants you to pick her up).  I thought she wanted to dance with me -- the song was slow, so we slow-danced.  And this led to...

Girlfriend was so tired that she fell asleep again at 6:30pm...

My dear old Munk-y...

Munching on some dinner.

Three of my favorite loves... Finn, Fish sleeping in the carseat, and Munk-y

This is now a frequent occurrence in our house.  For like 15 minutes!  She doesn't go in the potty yet.  She will tell us after she pees that she needs to go potty.  And I have since bought her a small potty, so she can get on and off by herself.

This is my winter coat that took me through two pregnancies.  It was not a maternity coat -- just an empire waist wool coat.  The lining is shredded and I know that it's time to either give it away or throw it away.  But it's quite sentimental to me as it did see me through those two pregnancies...

The side seam on the outside also came undone, due to the massive child that I had this time.  And I also lost the main button to keep it closed.  It popped off AFTER I had Fish in a snowy parking lot (I couldn't locate the button).  The button popped due to the fact that the thread was stretched to it's limit with two enormous bellies...  It's crazy, but I'm going to shred quite a few tears when this sucker leaves me...

Fish chilling with Mama.

One of his favorite sleeping positions. Check out the little pot belly on him!  And yes, that is a 3 month jumper that looks too short on a 4 week old.  He is going to be in 3-6 month before I'm ready for it.

I have the CUTEST 0-3 month outfits.  I told E that I'm going to have to get him dressed up to sit around the house, so that he can wear all the adorable outfits.  So don't be surprised if you start seeing fashion photos of this kid.

I had a lunch date with a friend at work -- so I had a reason for the rugged outdoorsy look (including boots).

E got quite a kick out this outfit -- in fact, I think that he loved it.

Chilling with Daddy, ready to chop down some trees...

This is Norman -- taking advantage of our activity mat.  Fish isn't ready for it yet -- so Norm took it upon himself to get comfortable.

Just can't get enough of this kid's gut -- I think it is totally adorable.

This is how Finn went to daycare today.  With four bows in her hair (two on each side that don't match her outfit),  a pink princess tiara headband, and two stickers on her shirt.

Someone is finally starting to do some talking.

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