Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.9)

 The pretty pink princess (with dinner on her face)

FaceTiming with Baby Brother

We are starting to get used to doing all the talking.

It's a tough life being this handsome.

I mean, seriously... Just LOOK at me...

Fish likes to make friends with his animals hanging above his head... Until that gosh-darn pony turns on him -- then it's all downhill.

Someone fell asleep despite his hat falling over one of his eyes.

It's amazing to me how big he has gotten in the past six weeks.  He doesn't even really fit on my lap anymore.

Hanging with Mommy, watching PBS.

I have some old school (like 70's old school) episodes of Sesame Street on my iPad -- we were rocking to Disco "D" on Friday morning!

Everyone loves a little donut in the morning (as well as frilly skirts over pants)!

Giving her baby a stroll inside as we got another 6 inches of snow this past week (it's all gone now, but it was depressing still seeing snow in March).

We are ready to get out and push baby outside!

If this doesn't make you instantly ovulate, I don't know what will...

Getting our 80's on with some pink leg-warmers.  She asked for pink socks, and I had to improvise with some leg warmers.

Fish is getting pretty good at holding his head up.

Baby snuggles gone overboard -- he was falling into the couch in his sleep.

Simply beautiful.

Doing some dreaming and some lip puckering.

We've got a (falling) dancing queen on our hands!
And yes, those are legwarmers on her arms -- we are fashion-forward in our house.

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