Monday, March 24, 2014

A week in the life (v.2014.10)

 Sporting a pink "Weebok" hat.  Her first baseball cap to look like Daddy.

Backwards like a boss.

These almost came home with her, but thankfully, Daddy thought about Mommy's reaction.  OR the more likely theory... the fact that they wouldn't fit in our car. 

Lovin' Baby Brother on St. Patrick's Day

Fish rockin' his "Me First St. Patrick's Day" shirt

Out for a beer with SaraBeth

Huge smiles for Mom -- the little stinker!

Finn got a letter from her cousin Neave.  It got hung on our frig immediately.

Basking in the late afternoon sunlight

Someone was taking selfies on the pot

Another potty selfie

Someone's belly is getting too big for his clothes...

Cheering on my poor Hawkeyes...

Pretty Princess Brother

This is his heel pressing through the bottom of his sleepers.  All the 3 month sleepers look like this.   He is WAY too long for them.

Got his first rugby shirt on (which his poor potbelly is hanging out of).

Had to unbutton the pants as they felt too tight around his belly...

He is going to be too big for his carseat within the next month or so...

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