Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!  If you can't tell by previous posts, our family is very steeped in Irish heritage.  E is first generation and has dual Irish citizenship.  He wears his heritage proudly.

And in doing so, that means that this morning was big deal in our household.  E dressed Finn without any help from me.  The only help I provided was that I got out every single piece of clothes that she had that was green.  He chose the outfit and was very excited to have her show Mommy when she was done.  It was completed with pigtails (though E added the headband).

Our breakfast this morning consisted of donuts and milk.  She is still in daycare this week due to my dependent care flexible spending account still racking up $$ even though I'm out on maternity leave.  I'm sure that she was the hit of her daycare.  Not many kids there are as Irish as Finn is.  And I think that daycare personally loves my husband -- so they get very excited when she arrives all decked out in her holiday attire. 

I threw a St. Patrick's Day onesie on Fish.  It was one of Finn's.  She wore it on St. Patrick's Day two years ago.  It probably didn't fit her as well as it currently fits him -- she definitely rocked it. I remember that St. Patrick's Day due to the fact that it was 80+ degrees that day.  Today -- not so much. I think our high is hitting 31 whopping degrees.

 Someone's giving stink face.

I only threw this one in because he had drool dripping and it seemed like a very drunk Irish thing to do.  The only thing that Fish is going to be drunk on today is milk.

E even got into the holiday spirit.  He wore green pants, a green shirt and he even had an Ireland shirt on underneath his button-up.  And I'm sure that today after work before he picks up Finn, he is going to swig a few Guinness as well.  It wouldn't be good luck NOT TO.

Finn's outfit consisted of a dark green t-shirt and jeggings.  The Irish tutu as well as the true Irish sweater (made in Donegal) were provided by Granny, of course!  The Irish legwarmers courtsey of a Mommy purchase.  And the Converse sneakers are totally a Daddy purchase.

Fish's outfit consisted of a "Me First St. Patrick's Day" onesie provided by Mimi (which was originally gifted to Finn) and also white fleece pants that were Finn's.  He also sported a shamrock beanie that was WAY too big for him when we tried to put it on him in the hospital.  It was supposed to be his going home hat, which didn't work out as he was drowning in the hat.  Seems the little boy has gotten to be a big boy!

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