Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hit it, Bay City Rollers!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!  This was our Saturday night in photos.  E & I have really gone downhill -- there was no crazy drinking, no going out to eat, no movies.  E and I had hot dates with a wild little two-year-old and a squishy little dude.  Saturday night had Fish turning 4 weeks old.  He is becoming more and more alert, which means less and less sleep during the day and evening and that means more and more crying.

Daddy got a little excited with the markers and turned poor little Finn into a "V for Vendetta" character.  She rounded the corner and my mouth dropped.  And I couldn't stop laughing.  E bought the absolute BEST washable markers -- ones that truly wipe off with a wet wash-cloth.  So I wasn't concerned about Finn having a permanent mustache. 

Finn is still being really great with Baby Brother.  She wanted to jump up on the couch with Daddy when she saw that he was patting him on the back and get in on the action.  She is an excellent baby-back-patter.  We are still working on "gentle", but hey -- she's two!  By the time that she finally gets the whole "gentle" thing, he is going to be rough-and-tumble and ready for some sister-wrestling.

She also saw me taking photos of Daddy and Fish and got out her phone to take photos.  Watching her try to contort her body to get a shot made me laugh.  But it made me laugh even more when I got behind her to see if she was actually getting Daddy & Fish in the shoot -- but she had actually turned the internal camera around and was contorting to take photos of herself!

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