Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.16) (& a helluva lot of photos)

This happened a lot sooner than I anticipated!  Three and a half months after his arrival, he is officially in a diaper one size smaller than his older sister.

Watch dog

Norman Bates

Someone was very excited about her first messy bun.

Just keeping the feet warm.

Born to rock!

This is how he LOVES to sleep -- with a blanket over his eyes.  Big time snuggler.

Finn found the drawer with the ziploc bags and proceeded to bag up all her fruits and veggies in her kitchen.

Fish thinks the dude in the mirror is a pretty funny guy.


Is it that dude in the mirror or Mommy that is so funny?

For Easter, Finn & Fish got the staple Peter Rabbit hollow chocolate bunny, just like the one that I used to get as a child complete with the same little book.  I found the booklet and started reading to Finn -- until I go to the second paragraph.  I didn't quite know how to explain to her what their father was doing in a pie.  I stopped reading and started drinking.

Someone has become a mover and a shaker.

Babysitting Brother

Exciting conversations

Napping in the weirdest position

Fish apparently doesn't like to sit back and relax

Playing in the water -- notice her entire belly is wet.

Everyday scene in her kitchen.  Lots of dishes, lots of experimenting.  That day?  Cheerio's and lime.

Swiper, no swiping!  (in this case, it's Stella who is trying to move in for her noodles)

I put in her first braid over the weekend and she loved it!

Me and my pup

Washing windows is pretty darn scary.

Normally when I come across a spider in the window, I whip out my cleaner and spray them until they either fall out of the window or if they fall inside, the cleaner disorients them enough for me to kill them.  This time, I was in the bay window of the kitchen.  I texted E, telling him that this window was HIS job.  I wasn't going to have a spider fall on my lap!!!!!!

Finn took a photo of me rocking Brother to sleep

Someone got a ride through the yard last weekend

Arts & Crafting!

We have hit that major milestone that I was dreading.  She now realizes that she can do things for herself.  Evidence?  While in the living room feeding Brother, she pushed her little chair over to the counter first.  Upon realizing that she still can't reach the counter, she pushed the big chair over.  What did she want?  Papertowels -- about 5 of them!

Learning to recognize our numbers while eating lunch.  Munk is just waiting for scraps.

Another escapade while I was feeding Brother.  She is now able to open the frig, got out the Velveeta and was cutting herself a piece of cheese (by slicing right down the middle of the block).

It's gettin' hot in here... So take off all your clothes!!!!

Jabber jaw, talking to his mobile.

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