Monday, May 5, 2014

A little bit of housekeeping: An Easter Recap

So this post is definitely going to be photo-heavy as I have a lot of catching up to do.  These two photos are of Finn's last day at daycare.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but I have quit my job to stay at home with the kids.  As mentioned before, we went to Iowa during her first week at home, so this week is our first official week of me as a SAHM with the two kiddos.  Wish us luck!

My mother, my aunt, and my cousin all came out for Easter.  It was a fantastic weekend!  We dyed Easter eggs, had an Easter hunt and even did some Easter dancing.  I was then lucky enough to have the three of them to help us drive back to Iowa.  We were all so happy them came out to visit.

Getting ready for some egg dying...

Lucy decided to join us initially and tried to help.

Sister was an awesome egg-dyer!

We had every color under the sun.

Near the end of it, someone was getting a little stir-crazy and even took a drink of the vinegar dye.  Thankfully it was only a sip and that it was food-grade dye.

We even dyed an egg for brother Fish.  He wasn't having anything to do with it -- probably because it was pink.

Check out the red mustache that was attained from the sip of dye!

Love the dye-stained hands.

Sister and her clutch of eggs.

Easter Munky

The Easter Bunny left little bunny tracks through our house to lead Finn to her Easter basket.

The Easter Bunny gave her a little black ballerina leotard, which was a big hit.

We had an Easter Egg hunt in our yard on Easter Sunday as well.  Somebunny was ready!

Easter cupcakes were also made that weekend.

And there was even some Easter dancing!!!

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