Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gone fishin at 16 weeks

---According to our unscientific weigh-in this morning, Fish is topping the scales at 17.6 pounds!  And our unscientific length measurement has him stretching out at 27 inches!!  He has gained over 8 pounds and 5 inches in four months!  We have his four month doctor's appointment next Monday, so I'll update with accurate measurements next week.
---The big dude is in size 3 diapers!!!!  We switched over to those this past weekend.  The blow-outs were happening with more frequency and his big gut just wasn't fitting as well in those ole' #2's.

---Fish is also in 3-6 month clothes.  He has been in that size since his last update.  We are getting snug in some of the onesies -- both in length and in gut checks.  And a lot of his pants are getting too small and becoming high-waters.  The two pairs of jeans that I have for him are also getting a little snug around the waist.  I'm thankful for the warmer weather coming on to us -- that means less clothes and being less likely to have to move up a size (or buy another wardrobe in the bigger size for summer AND fall).  The plan is to get away with onesies and some shorts for the summer.  My hope is that he will fit into 3-6 months for most of the summer and we will move into 6-9 a lot closer to fall, but I'm not holding my breath.
---Brother is all about trying to stand up and strengthen his legs.  He doesn't do it well, but really enjoys it.  He can hold himself for a second or two before his knees buckle.  We are going to be doing a lot of the Kickin' Coaster for him!  He has really starting kicking his legs when he is laying down lately as well.  When he gets excited, you should see him go!

---There is no rolling being done yet.  He is kicking his legs when he is on his tummy, but doesn't show any sign of throwing them up in the air to help him flip over.  But he is the master of rolling from his back to his tummy on the bed.  Maybe the softness of the mattress gives him the extra momentum to get going.
---This past week, we have really hit our stride of grasping something with two hands and shoving shit in his mouth.  He could always grasp onto things, but now he is actively reaches out to hold onto things.  And he will grasp it with one hand and move it to the center of his chest so his other hand can get in on the action as well.

---Fish has decided to also strengthen up his vocal chords.  In the last week or so, he has suddenly got very vocal.  Babbling, giggling, and even a squeal here or there.  He and I have the most interesting conversations.
---This is a kid that loves to look at the world.  He loves sitting up.  His abs are strong enough to hold himself up yet.  We get a couple of seconds before he falls over.  It's great to sit on the couch or the bed and not have to hold him.  Just placing him in your lap is enough to keep him upright and lovin' life.
---So sleeping has hit a little bit of a rough patch.  He sleeps with us (of course).  But he is now waking at least 3-4 times a night to nurse.  We were down to once a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason, he isn't sleeping through the night like he used to be.  I would really love a good night's sleep, but know that will come later.  I would just like to get it to once a night again.  Finn didn't sleep through the night until after 12 months and still nursed during the night until at least 11 months.  

---Brother has got this napping thing down!  He sleeps for 2 hours most mornings and he will take a good nap in the afternoon and then again in the evening.  I'm wondering if he isn't getting enough to eat during the day and therefore has to wake up at night to feed.  
---Tummy time is a little bit of a struggle.  He enjoys himself initlaly, but it doesn't last for more than 5 minutes and he is then over it.  But his head strength is doing well!  He can lift his head pretty high and hold it there for quite a while.
---Fish is a big fan of bath time.  We are using a little infant ramp in our big bath tub.  It works well, but now that he is sitting up pretty well with assistance, we will probably move down to the kitchen sink.  It will be easier to get him in and out and still keep my eye on Finn!

---Fish's favorites right now?
     -----He is in love with his Mama.  I get lots and lots of smiles and laughter.  And his legs go, go, go when he sees me coming to pick him up!  He definitely recognizes Daddy and bestows smiles on him as well -- but I have the food supply.
     -----He really loves this orange tiger that he got for Easter.  It is the perfect size for his little hands and he makes out with him whenever he gets the chance.
     -----He LOVES to snuggle with a blanket when he sleeps.  Absolutely LOVES it.
     -----He also loves his big sister.  She gets megawatt smiles whenever she enters into his line of sight.

Comparison shot of Fish and Finn at 16 weeks
He weighs over 2 pounds & has 2 inches more on her!

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