Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just between us girls...

 It was a "Members Only" weekend in our household -- just between us girls...  (Munk and Norm are both de-balled, so I don't consider them men -- they are just hairy eunuchs.) E left for his college reunion on Thursday afternoon.  And all sorts of shit hit the fan immediately upon my arrival at home on Thursday evening.  I had images of donning a crazy Wonder Woman costume, becoming SuperMom this weekend and doing great fun things.  (I was named after the Bionic Woman after all.)  Fate & Finn had other ideas...

I came home that Thursday evening to a puppy that puked on the couch, a girl that peed in her Pack 'N Play, a leaky roof, and a broken Cat Genie.  The couch covers and the Pack 'N Play covers got a washin' that night as I was a fixin' the broken cat box all while Finn was sitting in her Bumbo watching Mommy play with dirty cat litter.  The roof was beyond my control -- and I just prayed for a stop in the rain (which worked).

I had an interview the next day at the Clinic (that will be a post for another day), so I knew that I wanted to get everything set up that night for the following morning.  Iron interview clothes -- uncheck.  Thaw out milk for her bottles for Friday -- uncheck.  Put together my letters of recommendation -- uncheck.

Get ready for the next day or simply stare at this beautiful face...  Tough decision.

Of course, I didn't and the next morning of getting her & myself ready  was just as crazy as I had hoped to avoid.  We got the dogs and kitties taken care of and I picked up the Mamaroo from the kitchen table and carried it upstairs so I didn't have to speed shower.  Again with the SuperMom thing, initially I placed her in front of the shower on the floor, but had to move her while strapped in the Mamaroo to the vanity to proceed with my morning routine.  Well, Super(wimpy)Mom tried to pick her up in the Mamaroo from the floor -- bad idea!  Let's just say the only thing that saved Finn from face-planting on the floor was her trusty seat belt.  My adrenaline was pumping so hard, I saved the Mamaroo from crashing to the floor, but couldn't stop it from tipping over.  As I checked the poor dear over for any emotional scarring, she started to smile and laugh at the ride she was just on.  Happy babe, happy Momma.  Finn also decided that she wanted to poop her pants not once, but twice Friday morning (she doesn't usually poop until later in the morning, so poopy changing isn't usually on my morning radar)!  Let's just say Mommy had to find an outfit suited for an interview that didn't require ironing.

So Friday's work day drug by -- as every workday Friday does.  When I got home, I was excited to get this weekend started!  We all know that the only way to celebrate the start of the weekend the right way is with pizza and beer! So I ordered pizza and while we were waiting, the little lady and I sidled up to the bar downstairs.  I figured that a lady should show another lady how to drink her first Guinness (at least her first time watching Mommy drink a Guinness).  Let's just say that Finn doesn't know how to hold her alcohol yet...

The pizza was another story -- apparently my carry-out place (a franchise that will not be named, Pizza Hut, err, you saw nothing...) that has a drive-up window (so sister can remain firmly planted in her car seat) told me after sitting at said drive-up window for 15 minutes with a screaming child -- "Don't kill the messenger, but we ran out of dough..."  Why wouldn't you call me?!?!?  Why would you let me drive all the way to the restaurant and sit in the drive-through window for 15 minutes before acknowledging me to tell me that you don't have anything to make my pizza with?  They gave me some pizza that they claimed to have just made recently (as in 4 hours recently) for free for my troubles.  I couldn't even eat a single piece as it was so old.

Saturday morning, we slept in until 8:30am.  It was absolutely wonderful!  We snuggled and played.  We had a leisurely Saturday morning.

Is THAT really what I look like in the morning?!?!?!?

Later in the morning, we had some tummy time -- Mommy was rooting for a rollover.  No such luck.

And we played in our Kickin' Coaster to burn some calories.

We also learned how to give our little pig kisses.

We went outside and looked at the trees as they swayed in the breeze.

We ended Saturday evening the only way that you can end it when it's a girls' weekend...  With "You've Got Mail."  Her first chick flick!  She is an uber fan of Meg Ryan -- the old Meg Ryan before all her face deconstruction.

She thought it was a real nail biter...

Sunday morning, we met SaraBeth and her parents for breakfast at a 50's diner.  Talk about over-stimulation!  We took her out of her carseat and she was looking all over the place.  Every 2-3 seconds, her head would flip here, then there...  Looking at all the people moving by quickly and the bright neon lights that lit up our breakfast.  In fact, sister got so stimulated that she fell asleep with 'Lil Lambchop all snuggled in.

Sister was seriously making out the 'Lil Lambchop...

Daddy came home later that afternoon and we were both so excited to see him!  Finn was all smiles for him when he got home!  And Daddy was all smiles for her as well.

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