Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quiet riot


Our weekend was a quiet one, a very quiet one.  Friday evening, we went to a local church festival.  And on Saturday, Finn and I didn't leave the house until 8:00pm to grab something to eat with E at a local bar.  Sunday was spent buying diapers, groceries, & finding a mom-and-pop ice cream shop.

Our weekends now have taken on a slower pace and aren't driven by the places that we went as they used to be.  Now they are driven by babywearin' barefoot walks around the neighborhood (there's just something about walking around barefoot I absolutely crave), country singing' swinging on our little tree swing that E hung for her, and just "bein' lazy".  I know this stage isn't going to last forever and soon, she will be moving faster than I can to currently imagine.  So I try to live in the moment as much as possible.  I spoke with my brother who's baby boy is 5 months older than Finn.  His advice -- "You can wish that she is crawlin' all you want, but the minute she starts crawlin' you are goin' wish that she wasn't."  I'm trying to take his advice to heart and not wish her bigger.

I swear she had on a clean diaper when she fell asleep!  Sister is a wetting machine...


Munk standing guard during nap time

Girlfriend has a doctor's appointment tomorrow evening.  She'll be getting lots of shots, I think -- so that will be fun.  But I'm excited to see her official weight and measurement at 19 weeks (which she'll be on Thursday).  I had a terrible dream earlier this week that the doctor told me that she only weighed 9 pounds and that she had actually lost weight!  I'm also going to speak to the doctor about starting Finn on food.  I don't think that I'm ready for it, but she is.  She has taken a big interest in our food lately -- completely amazed as we put this stuff in our mouths and it doesn't come back out!

We tried some music education this past weekend

She couldn't give a shit.

Her little arms weren't quite long enough to reach the keys.  Soon our little Mozart will be playing...

I also have a suspicion that lady is starting to get teeth.  The girl is seriously drooling (as she has been for the past 6 weeks, but it has intensified in the last two weeks or so).  For the last week or so, she is no longer the easy sleeper that she was.  She is harder to put down for naps and to sleep at night.  She is not crying, simply put, she is irritable.  But her irritability calms when I put my finger in her mouth and rub against the bottom gum.  And the girl is seriously biting!  There is no more sucking on items placed in her mouth, she is biting.  When I stick my finger in her mouth to feel her lower gums for teeth stubs, she starts chomping away on my finger.  Her new BFF is Sophie, the French Giraffe.  Sophie is made of mat rubber, which is really easy for her to grab and hold onto even when it is covered in baby drool.  I also think the material that it is made out of feels good on her gums with the way that she aggressively shoves it in her mouth and gnaws on it.  It also has a low squeaker in it (which drives the dogs crazy) that she gets super excited to squeak.

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