Monday, June 18, 2012

Pappa's got a brand new bag

Where did the weekend go?  Holy crap it seemed like it was just Friday!  In lieu of it being Father's Day yesterday, I'm featuring photos of E & Finn.  We had a fairly low-key weekend.  I was on a mission, though.  And it all goes back to the previous weekend.  We were thrifting (shopping at thrift stores) last weekend and I came across a sofa that was sturdy and had great lines.  It was $50, but this thrift store has half-price Mondays, which would make it $25.  Why do we need a sofa when we already have two in the living room you ask?  

Well, the two are a matching set.  One has a chaise on the end of it and the other is a sleeper sofa.  Another important key is that both are off-white micro-fiber.  Did I tell you that we have two dogs and three cats?  Whichever of the matching set is located under the windows in our living room is usually haired-up to the max (okay, totally made that up).  I do put slip covers on both sofas, but I have a dog who thinks that he is a mountain goat and truly loves to lay across the top of the sofa and the top of the sofa pillows, which causes problems with the slip covers.

Cue light bulb atop Jamie's head!  Why wouldn't I buy a $25 sofa recover it and place it under the windows?  Not only could I chose a fabric that doesn't include the words "static cling to pet hair", but it would save our matching sofas!  Ding ding ding!!!!!!  

So this weekend became "Operation Save a Dog Ride a Sofa".  Let me tell you -- it's pretty difficult to recover a sofa with a four-month-old overseeing your progress and having a husband who is knee-deep in grant writing season.  But accomplish it, I did!!  Pretty damn nice, am I right?

Now it's not completely finished.  I still have to sew the covers for the cushions, but it is in place and obviously being used already.  The sofa has turned out fabulously!!!  I am uber in love with it -- and the duck canvas that I covered it in will make for easy hair removal (which is usually done at least 2-3 times a week).  And I have to say that I absolutely love the new placement of the furniture in the living room.  

I think that I may do a posting regarding our house, so y'all can see what I'm talking about.  Also I think that it would be nice for Finn to see what the house that she was born into looks like.  Although you may think that I started this blog with family & friends in mind, I actually started this blog to document for Finn.  I am  going to be making the blog into a bound book each year of her life -- so she has record of all the things that went on before she could remember.

We also took some time out of fabric flying to munch on a Bumbo or two.  Sister starts out in the Bumbo upright, but soon decides that the blue foam looks quite tasty.  It's almost like the captain of a sub screams out a command -- Dive!  Dive!  And before you know it, she is munching away on the Bumbo like I would if it were a piece of cake.

We also did some thrifting this Saturday and picked up some really great stuff.  It was half-off day at our thrift store this weekend in honor of Father's Day.  I was able to pick up a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker with the cardboard still in it (the exact one I was looking on eBay for, which sells for about $40) for $6!!  Now I'm on a mission to find the recipe for peach lavender sorbet -- I've had it once and it was the BEST.

Our Father's Day was pretty low-key.  Finn and I took Daddy out for breakfast and then Finn and Daddy went for a ride...  Just kidding!  They just sat in the driveway for photos.  But I have to say that E looks pretty good in a Baby Bjorn.  :)

I'm really excited for this girl!  She is going to be one bad-ass chick!  I told E that he has to make sure that she can fix her own car because we all know that mechanics are notorious for taking advantage of women.  In fact, I once had a mechanic tell me that I absolutely had to install ceramic break pads in my '96 Honda Accord -- the ceramic pads were almost $60 more expensive the cheapies.  What a bad person -- trying to take advantage of a woman.  Thankfully, E taught me a thing or two and I knew that I didn't know the ceramic ones.

And this crazy lady is going to be riding a dirt bike before she is five -- I'm serious, mark it!  E has a little Honda CR50 that he used to ride when he was little (and I've been known to take it for a spin around our yard after a beer or two) that he is saving for her.  In fact, we already bought her her first pair of shades this weekend.  Photos coming soon!

In other news, I got a couple of text messages from SaraBeth and E regarding the outfit that I put Finn in this morning.  I thought it was a lovely outfit -- a bright orange and white striped tank top with a brown flower and brown shorts as the temp looks like it's going to be over 86 degrees today.  (Okay and I threw in some leopard print flats socks...)  "Im worried about your daughter and her future.  Lol.  E & I were laughing about her outfit, but I feel better because I just saw the brown flower."  and "SaraBeth just accused me of dressing Finn like trailer trash.  Nice going mom."  Then I got the photo...  I can no responsibility for what said child does with her clothes -- I only put them on!  It's obvious that sister thinks that her tummy is her best feature!

And yes, the tank top is long enough to go past her waist band -- she just likes to show off some skin!

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