Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy 16 week birthday, pretty lady!!!

  • According to our unscientific weigh-in this morning, Finn is topping the scales at 15.25 pounds!  We both weighed her twice and E was getting 15.5 pounds and I was getting 15.  So we averaged to 15.25 pounds.  And our unscientific length measurement has her stretching out at 25 inches!!
  • Finn is still in size 1 diapers, but I think that those days are numbered.  We kind of have to pour her pudgy little tummy into the waistband of size 1's.
  • She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes.  But I think the days of 0-3 month sleepers & onesies are going to be numbered here soon as well.  Lady is getting too long for the sleepers!  Right now, when she is in morning warrior II, the fabric is pulled to its maximum point.  Her tummy doesn't fill them at all.  And just to prove the point, this morning, I was putting on one of her Hawkeye onesies and I went through all the trouble of putting it over her head and her arms through the sleeves -- the darn thing was too short!!!  So I'm going to have to start going through her 0-3 month stuff and start putting some of the shorter things away.  But her pants (once over her big diapered tuckus) and her separates still fit -- for right now.

  • One of the best developments in the last four weeks?  Sister loves to sing.  And when I say "loves", I mean -- "LOVES".  Turn on the radio and a smile lights up her face.  Start to sing along with the radio and instantly, you got a backup singer!  Sister's singing voice is prettier than mine!
  • Finn is really trying to start to stand.  She doesn't like to be held like a baby -- must be held upright so she can see everything.  When you sit down with her upright, her legs start pushing against your lap.  Her chubby little legs are getting pretty strong!
  • So we haven't hit the rolling over benchmark yet.  We are almost there -- but she isn't ready yet.

  • Her new obsession is clumsily grasping something than shoving it in her mouth.  Now I know that this is something that will continue for months -- but this is something new  for her.  So mark it -- lady started shoving shit in her mouth at 4 months.  Besides Lambchop and her bibs, her new favorite thing are these cloth blocks that crinkle.  If she is laying down on her back, I'll place the block on her tummy and she will reach both hands up, grasp it, and try to shove the huge thing in her mouth.  She really likes the noise as she "makes" it crinkle.
  • Speaking of shoving shit in her mouth, she now will take her pacifier out of her mouth, hold it and put it back in.  It's kind of like hitting the lottery for her.  Maybe one time out of five that she gets it right.  But both E and SaraBeth have witnessed it.  She is also holding her own bottle (only witnessed by SaraBeth as I have a different method of feeding her).  We aren't talking about marathon feedings, either.  Just for a couple of seconds once the bottle is already in her mouth.  My parents gave her a vibrating ear of John Deere corn that she likes.  I just introduced that one this week and she actually enjoys it.  I thought that the vibrating might scare her, but sister started gumming the crap out of it.  Currently, she doesn't bite on it to make it vibrate, I have to pinch it to make it vibrate.  And when I take it away, she isn't too happy.  Her gums start smacking, asking where that delightful yellow thing went?

  • Another big development?  She has starting to balance/sit on her own... Kind of... For 2-3 seconds before she falls over.  I showed this one to E last night and he seemed unimpressed.  He was like, "She's just balancing, she isn't sitting up..."  And I started thinking -- well, isn't that all sitting up is, for the most part -- is balancing?  Okay, throw me a bone here...  That's why I wrote balance/sit.  I'm excited that she's doing it.
  • Last night was the first time that she reached out to grab something.  We have a mobile on her Mamaroo and she reached out and grabbed one of the links in front of her.  I would have missed it as my back was turned.  But E was there and was like, "Did you see that?  She grabbed that all by herself!"

  • We are slowing transitioning her over to her crib.  I will feed her in our bed and when she falls asleep (as is her typical fashion), I'll pick her up and mama-sway her into her room and lay her down.  She isn't sleeping very long before waking up (an hour-ish) and then I'll bring her into our room.  I'm going to continue this for a couple of weeks until she is getting used to her crib as it is pretty foreign to her right now.
  • She is really starting to enjoy tummy time.  She can hold her head so high that she is looking around.  And she has enough neck muscles to not get tired so easily.  We will put her blocks in front of her and she will try to slide her hands along the ground to reach out for them.  She doesn't get them yet.  But it's only a matter of time!
  • And bath time has become interesting.  Instead of bathing her in her infant tub on the kitchen counter like I started doing, I've moved the infant tub to the bathtub upstairs and I sit in the big tub while washing her in her little tub.  Good call on my part as her last couple of baths have given me a bath as well with more water ended up outside her infant tub than inside by the time we are done.  Lady is trying to swim like a dolphin and water goes a'flying.  Her & I also took our first bath together, which was a lot of fun!  I wish that we had a big clawfoot bathtub so we could take more baths (hint, hint, E -- he says that he couldn't get a clawfoot through the bathroom door.  I think that he is just being lazy.)  Our bathtub isn't very big, so it was a little cramped for Mommy, but perfect for Finn!  She liked dipping in the deep water and standing up in the bathtub!  Today I just invested in a bath flower that inserts into our sink. Because if she is going to be sitting up soon -- she'll be getting sink baths. They were good enough for momma, they'll be good enough for Finny.

  • Finn's favorites right now?
    • Finn really likes outside.  Daddy takes her out when she is fussing for him and she quiets right away, looking around at all the greenness outside.  But even when she isn't cranky, she really enjoys being outside, whether it be sitting in her red Baby Bjorn Babysitter while I'm grilling or just being held while we are sitting at our neighbors' deck drinking beer.
    • She also really loves strange faces.  I'm sure this will change, but right now, if we are in a store and someone leans over and starts talking to her in her chair seat, she will either smile directly at them or look at me and smile at me.
    • Lady is needing Lambchop.  Whenever she is cranky because she is tired, I snuggle Lambchop up next to her ear and her hands go up and position little lambie in the right spot perfectly.  That (or a blanket up by her ear or covering her head) and a pacifier and she is out in under 5 minutes all by herself.

(PS This should have been posted on Thursday -- I'm two days late...  You would think that I wouldn't have anything else to do.)

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