Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rollin', rollin', rollin' -- keep them babies rollin'

If I were a bettin' girl (which I'm not really), instead of throwing all my money on red & lettin' it ride (I hope that is the appropriate gambling reference -- Faith Hill taught me just about all I know about gambling), I would place it on my little lady rolling over within the next week!

So upon being laid on her tummy, immediately her right back leg shoots up like a flag and then starts dipping up and down like a bobber with a fish on the line.  We've gotten to about 90% rolled over, but her left arm obviously wasn't invited to the party and is having a hard time going along with the fun.  Her head will be practically looking at the ceiling, her right leg in a wrestling match with her left over who can be closer to the floor and her tummy fully off the ground, but that darned chubby arm is just getting in the way!

Being that she doesn't quite have a master-slave relationship with her extremities yet, she starts to get extremely pissed off that her arm isn't working with her.  And when she lands back down on the mat with her face in the dirt, she is thoroughly frustrated and it's over.  She's pissed.  And when sister is pissed, she forgets that her mama wants her to roll over and just puts her face down and screams into the floor.

She'll be four months next week, so it would be a wonderful accomplishment if we can get her rolling her way into her fifth month (bahah!  I crack myself up!).

In other news, last night was her first night in her crib.  Mommy had twinges of sadness.  I fed her in our bed.  She fell asleep and I just did a little Mama-swayin' to get her completely sleeping in my arms.  I gently laid her in her crib and she awoke for a moment.  I stood next to her, shushing and she went back to sleep.  Now the wild lady only slept by herself for an hour -- but I figured it was a start.

And being that this weekend is a girls' weekend (E is traveling to his college reunion), we are totally having a slumber party each and every night!  So we will resume the initial crib sleeping on Sunday night when Daddy comes back home.  I'm wondering what us girls are going to do with ourselves for our first just girls' weekend.  Check back early next week as I'm going to make sure to do some serious documentation this weekend!

(In looking at all the photos in this post, I love that she is really working those eyebrows.  It's almost as if the eyebrows must be touching the ceiling in order for her to lift her head so high.  Unfortunately, I think that she gets that from me -- every time I look in the mirror, I have wrinkles on my forehead because my eyebrows are up in a look of surprise even though there was no surprise.)

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