Monday, May 21, 2012

There's a giant among us!

My baby has officially pudged out!  And I love it!  E and I have both been noticing when we put her in her car seat and lift it, it seems really heavy.  The photos don't lie (and yes, the bear are exactly the same size, I had to do some cropping and resizing so I KNOW they are exactly the same size) -- Little Miss is getting chubby, which makes me so very excited.  It means that I'm doing something right!  I think that it's amazing that my body is sustaining that little one, even after birth.

And let her tell you another thing, because sister knows how to chat with you.  She is jabbering up a storm and she'll tell you how it is.

Our weekend was wonderful.  I accomplished so much this past weekend that it almost felt like I didn't have a baby!  Okay, almost, but not quite -- my list wasn't completely finished.

We started out Saturday by going to breakfast as is our usual.  It was there that we realized I actual gave birth to Finn the Fierce, a Irish Viking.  Okay, I know that there isn't such a thing as an Irish Viking. But Sister seriously knows how to rock a lamb headdress!

While we were eating our bacon and eggs, she was dreaming of herding sheep and plundering villages.

I love this photo because her cheeks are so chubby.  When I told E that, he responded with "Those are Mom's cheeks."  I'll totally claim those suckers!

No lambs were harmed in the taking of these photos!  I'm sure she was actually dreaming about that little lamb, though.  The lamb has a fuzzy back and it's tummy is smooth satin.  The lamb is quickly becoming a favorite.  When she isn't sucking on her bib, watch out, lamb!  Because we've enter into the stage of putting everything in our mouths.  That lamb has received too many Finn kisses to count!

Finn also let out her inner Minnie Pearl this weekend.  While Momma was sewing up the last of the outdoor cushions, Minnie Finnie napped in her Mamaroo and we went outside for a little bit.  Hence the hat.  Only Mom didn't realize that it was inside out until we got outside and E started laughing at us.  Don't ask me how I didn't mess the ginormous flag on the top of her head.

I've also decided that I need to invest in some sunhats.  I have plenty for when she gets older, but don't have any that fit her little noggin.  And as the summer heats up, little lady isn't going to want to wear a stocking cap as she is a little sweat box without an extra layer on her head!

We also spent some time outside on Sunday, watching Daddy spread out some mulch.  It was the first time that sister put her little bare feet in the grass.  She wasn't too sure.  I sat down with the baby bjorn on and she danced in the grass.  Lady danced like no one was watching.  It makes me very excited for our dance parties when she gets older.

And I have to say that I didn't think my baby could have gotten any cuter.  But put a hat on it and it instantly becomes cuter!!!!

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  1. wow, she is adorable!! and i love how she's grown... what a cutie!!