Monday, May 7, 2012


E's sister had been out for a visit last week and I was trying to enjoy my last weekend before going back to work.  So I have a myriad of photos that need to be uploaded and sorted.  She is growing so fast and getting so much bigger each day that I feel that if I don't post something, I'm going to be so far behind. 

It was ungodly hot that day -- so the fan is the muffling that you are hearing.

Sister is getting so good at holding her head up.  She doesn't need her head supported hardly at all when we pick her up from an upright position (such as from someone else's arms).  She needs minimal support when being picked up from a laying position.

This is how we enjoyed our last lazy Sunday before I return to work.  Nothing completes a wonderful weekend better than sleepy snuggles with my lady...

I only have two days left with her before I return to work -- so if I don't get anything else posted in the next two days, just know that I'm enjoying EVERY MINUTE that we have left!  :)

I do have multiple posts that are going to be going up this week.  I have E's sister's visit, a father-daughter shoot like none other, and her three month update all this week.

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