Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All Hail the Queen!

All hail the Queen!  The Queen of Sheba!  I have a couple of photos from when I was teeny with my clothes on my head.  My mom used to call me the Queen of Sheba.  I think I have passed the torch down to my little.  She appears to be much more of a lady than I ever was -- she at least covers up her boobies, I just let mine all hang out.

Mommy when she used to be Queen
This weekend, we introduced Finn to the hammock.  She wasn't immediately sure if she liked it or not.  But that is something that is her nature.  She will crank for the first 5 seconds until she realizes that being put in the Mamaroo isn't as bad as she initially thought.  Or she will fuss when I put her in the Kickin' Coaster (a new purchase that she loves -- later post on that one) but once she starts to kickin', she sees that it's pretty great.  So of course, initially, she was saying "Get me the hell out of this contraption!"

But after a couple of sways from side to side, she was thinking that this thing called a hammock isn't that bad.  Initially, E got in the hammock with her.  I was petrified that they were going to take a tumble over backwards.  There was a lot of close calls with the ground as he was trying to settle himself in the middle.  And there was one time where I thought it was over and I was going to see feet in the air and hear a screaming baby, but he saved it.  And she liked swinging under the canopy of leaves dancing in the breeze.

I have a rose bush that grows right next to the steps on our patio.  She is blooming like a mo'fo right now.  And they are beautiful blooms and the smell is delicious!  I don't normally like to pick my roses.  They just die in a vase inside the house.  Instead, each time that I walk in or out of my house, I get a whiff of beauty.  It's nice when you are rushing out of the house because you are late -- it's almost like an unconscious relaxant.  Or when you come home from a long day at work and step up on the patio, taking a deep breath in, the rose announcing your arrival, feeling the warmth of coming home.  I prefer that 1000 times over.

Well, we haven't had a lot of rain as of late and the first bloom of the season (and the biggest one currently) had fallen over due to its weight on its delicate stem.  I thought it the perfect opportunity to pick the rose and not feel guilty as I wouldn't have to watch it die on the vine.  AND I would get to have a couple of delightful memories of my pretty lady.

And that hand is a constant in her mouth as of late.  She is never without her trusty hand.  She has only found her thumb a few times, most of the time it's simply whatever fingers taste the best at the time.  She also have a new habit of needing Lambchop when she is feeling sleeping.  Lambchop is the little lamb from her headdress.  Once she has little Lambchop, she is out within minutes.  Lambchop nuzzled up against her chin and cheek, held up there with two chubby hands.

E worked a lot this weekend (grant season, you know) -- so it was just me and her.  The weather was a little hot, so we just snuggled for the majority of the weekend in the air conditioning.  I'm trying to enjoy all these snuggles, because in a matter of months, Finn is going to be on the move and then the only snuggles I'll get are during nap time.  If she is anything like her father, she will be on the go constantly.  She is the best excuse to be lazy.

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