Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A brief layover

Last week, E's sister Anita came in to see Finn.  She's a flight attendant and can jump on flights pretty quickly.  She came in on Wednesday and left on Friday evening.  Even though she only stayed for a short time, I think she definitely got some baby love in.

I made sure to pass off the little lady every chance that I wasn't feeding her.  Auntie Anita definitely has a way to put babies to sleep as you can tell.

We just spent the day laying around and loving on a baby.  According to her, it was a perfect getaway.

So today was my first day away from my pretty lady.  This morning was definitely hard.  As I was getting ready to leave, I cried, looking at her laying in our bed laughing and smiling at me.  I couldn't even look at the house as I drove away, thinking E would be standing with her in the window waving because I was crying too hard.  But I didn't cry again.  I'm not happy about having to return to work, but realize that Finn will be a strong, independent woman because of it.  I would like to arrange my schedule at work to be home earlier with her and am going to speak to my supervisor next week regarding this.  I also think that because Finn is at our house and with someone that she is familiar with, it makes me more comfortable.  That first day in September when we transfer her to daycare here on campus will sting a lot worse than today, I fear.  But I'm not going to think about that day until at least late August.

Sister is getting bigger and bigger.  Her head is growing so strong.  I was able to place her in her Bumbo yesterday.  Both times were very short, less than a minute a piece.  I can tell that she really enjoys watching her surroundings and we will be using the Bumbo a lot more in the upcoming weeks.

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