Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We are family - I got all my sisters with me...

This weekend, Finn and I had some (not all) our sisters with us.  My mother and her two sisters, Vicki & Ann, and their daughters, Kristin & Carly came out for the weekend.  Although my mother is THE grandma, she is ever so gracefully sharing the title, as Grandma Vicki and Grandma Nan were in the house as well.

Girls' weekend!

Three generations

10 week family photo

This is going to be a photo-heavy post.  Not a lot of words, as no words could describe how wonderful it was having all the girls here this past weekend.  As they say...  A picture says a thousand words...

There was lots of playing and holding and snuggling...  Everyone took their turn holding Finn and playing with her.  She definitely felt some major love last weekend.  And she is definitely a snuggler.  Anytime that she would get fussy because she was tired, one of the girls would take her, place her on their chest with or without a blanket, and the little lady would fall right to sleep.

And we even went out to eat!  We took everyone to Melt, a restaurant that only serves grilled cheese sandwiches.  But they serve almost anything that you can think of in those grilled cheeses!  In fact, there were sandwiches ordered that contained a piece of lasagna and one entire sandwich was even deep fried!



On Saturday, we went to the Westside Market to have gyros.  We also stopped over at the Great Lakes Brewing Co. where I had a baby... In a bar...  I was amazed at how many bad looks we got from women who saw that I was carrying a baby in a sling while standing there having a beer.  Now I can understand the bad looks if it is midnight and I'm out to get sloshed.  But it was 3 in the afternoon and we didn't look like the type that was out to party it up.  In fact, she slept the entire time that we were in the brewery, wrapped snuggly in her Moby. 

I'll have more to say tomorrow -- it appears that my attention is wanted somewhere else...  It seems that birds that were playing so nicely with her before have suddenly turned on her...

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