Thursday, May 17, 2012

Working 9 to 5...

So I got a big surprise at work today!!!

A nice hot cup of Au Bon Pain coffee and a baby!  What a great work day! 

SaraBeth had an appointment on main campus today.  So she dropped off Finn with me and we were able to spend part of the morning together.  Everyone that stopped by thought she was the cutest thing.  Of course, I'm sure that even if they didn't think she was cute, they would have told me that anyways.  But I have to say that she is the darnest cutest baby EVAH'!!!  I mean, just look at this....

Lady was even taking some calls to give Mommy a break! 

It was really neat to see that with every new person that would stop by and peer into her carseat, she would give them a big smile and start to jabber.  She only fuss a little bit because sister didn't have a great nap this morning and she was tired.  Her eyes would droop, but Finn refused to fall asleep because she was afraid that she was going to miss something!

A lot of people are now starting to say that she is beginning to look like me,  even my neighbors commented on it a couple of nights ago.  When she was brand new, not a single person said that she looked like me.  All comments were about how much she looked like E.  One of the doctors that I work with stated that all babies start out looking like their fathers, so that the said man would take care of the baby because the baby's mother is a certainty.  Research tends to disagree.  I hate to admit it, but I'm very excited that people are seeing my resemblance.  I'm biased, but I think that I was a pretty damn cute kid.

Even sleeping, the girl with the lashes makes bubbles...

SaraBeth, Finn, and I were able to go to lunch.  It was so wonderful to have her for a couple of hours during the day.  But it was hard saying good-bye.  When I finished feeding her, I lifted her up immediately, putting her in her carseat, stating that if I waited, I wouldn't put her in the seat for another 30 minutes.  I told SaraBeth as they were going to leave -- "Just rip the band-aid off."  She got the hint and wheeled the carseat around, saying "See you later!"  Now the afternoon seems to be dragging after such a pleasant morning.

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