Sunday, May 13, 2012

American Badass

 Yes, yes -- a daddy post on Mother's Day, but it makes this Mama smile.

Question:  What happens the first time that a new daddy is left alone with his baby daughter for more than two hours?

Answer:  She becomes a badass!

At least, that's what happened in our case.  Last Saturday afternoon, I went to a "Derby" party at one of my friend's place.  That left E alone with Finn for about four hours.  All day, he kept saying, "We (Finn & I) have big plans this afternoon.  Big plans..."  My thought was that he was teasing me.

Imagine my surprise when I get a picture text from him of my naked baby.  I was driving, so I couldn't study the photo long initially, but I saw that she was laying face down on our red velvet sofa, naked as a jaybird and there was something black that looked like a mustache above her butt crack.  I instantly started laughing and told my friend that I couldn't look anymore until we were safely stopped for fear of causing a crash.

I wasn't away from the house for more than 30 minutes and the girl had already went out and got her first two tattoos!  She had a "tramp stamp" and an arm band, just like her daddy (and no, E doesn't have a tramp stamp).

So when I got home, we had to do a father-daughter photo shoot in honor of her first "tat".  Little girl definitely knows how to rock some ink!

Before you know it, she is going to be coming home with a spiked leather punk jacket and dating a boy named Slasher.

And before any of you start dialing DFS, the tattoos are fake (of course) and they easily came off with baby oil.  Her beautiful skin was not permanently marred in any way.

With Finn's strengthening neck muscles, we were able to "Bumbo" for a little bit recently.  We still get the wobbles every once in a while. 

But the little girl is getting way too big for her breeches!  At least for this mama's tastes!  Speaking of Mama's, poor little Finna has been without her Mamaroo for the past four days!  The cats had jarred the power cord and one of the metal plugs came off.  We bought a generic replacement power cord, but we think that the base may have shorted out.  It's driving this mama insane!!  So I have ordered replacement parts that should arrive by Wednesday and all will be right in the Murphy household again.  Finn & I miss the sounds of the ocean rolling in while making dinner in the kitchen!

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