Monday, May 20, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.10.3)

The first two are technically iPhone photos.  But they are too funny NOT to share.
Daddy dresses her in the morning and always does a great job.  And unknown to him, these pants turned out to be low riders....

I like to call these her "Plumber Pants"

Who doesn't love a little butt crack every now and then?

I'm glad to say that our hunger strike is over.  We have found many food that the lady loves to eat.  Pork & Beans being one of them...

The hair is finally love enough to start to do some bath-time stylin'. 

We were Alfalfa for our last bathtime.

After bath, Daddy sat with her to read her a couple (meaning at least FIVE) bedtime stories.  She really loves books now.

And we have finally gotten around to installing cabinet locks on the doors.  Here she found our supply of latex gloves under the sink.

A typical Finorah dinner.  Chicken, onions, & corn with milk.

She has finally realized the delectable awesomeness of corn.  I think her Iowa roots are starting to come out.

Daddy had to give a talk at an American Cancer Society event on Friday night.  We tagged along.  She is such a hipster.

Listening to Daddy talk.

Her eyes are becoming so blue.  They are beautiful.

She is slowly (and I repeat, slowly) becoming a country girl...  Beginning with a pigtail.

She is now okay with walking on the sidewalk.  The grass is totally off limits still, even in shoes.  But now she will walk barefoot on the cement.

(Please excuse my hacking coughs.. I'm getting over a sinus infection.)  She LOVES playing with the cats.

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