Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.10.4)

 Uh, oh --- Spaghetti O's!

Look at the 'stache!

 Somebody is NOT happy about her 'stache.

Scopin' for the ladies...

Sleeping beauty

We went home to Iowa for Memorial weekend.  My mother has a lot of musical Christmas toys that Finn and Owen (her 18 month-old cousin) love to play with.

Getting ready for our family photos -- check out the bed head...

Another great photo of her bedhead... 

The family went out for pizza and then decided to hit the part afterwards.  Family swinging!
(photo courtesy of Mandy)

Finorah didn't like when I was swinging really high.  I was squealing and she thought that I was scared, so she started crying.
(photo courtesy of Mandy)

Lady got in trouble with the PoPo and got frisked down as we left.

Daddy's girl! 

On the inside looking out 

Such a pretty girl with a knot on her forehead.

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