Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ride a raft with ol' Huck Finn

Last Iowa post -- promise!  One of our last days there, we went to Dubuque and went to the National Riverboat Museum.  It was pretty well geared towards kids and they had a great time!  Unfortunately for me, I didn't get to see much of the museum as I was just chasing after them single-mom-style!  It wouldn't have been that bad as it was during the school year, but we chose the one day that there were five field trip classes there. 

They had a huge section there dedicated to Mark Twain and steamboats.  There was a little 3-sided room that had mirrors on two sides and a river scene on the back.  The floor was half-cut logs that were tied together like a raft.  And the logs must have been on some air tubes because they bounced around when you stepped on them.  I really tried to get Finn up there, but she refused because she was scared that she couldn't maintain her balance.  Darn it anyways.

The museum also hosted a small aquaramine.  The biggest tank was the "main channel" tank, which included a lot of fish that were bigger than my kids.  Catfish, gars, sturgeon were all in there.  It was pretty neat!

And our final Iowa photo comes courtesy of a hat that Mimi bought for Finn.  Fish thought that it was a riot to put the hat on and swing the hair around.  He wore that hat for at least a day, much really through Finn for a loop.  She would want the hat the minute that he put it on his head and not a second before.  And that poinsettia plant's dirt got seriously abused by Fish.  He found it half way through our trip and just wouldn't leave that poor dirt alone.

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