Friday, June 26, 2015

A Couple Months in the Life (v.2015.8)

While getting my hair did, E took the kids to the park & I got a photo from E of Fish with a big scrap on his head.

After I got home, I got the re-enactment of how he had to hold Finn over the toliet of the porta-potty because it was too dirty to sit on and how he held open the door to the porta-potty with his leg because Fish was standing outside freaking out.  I was belly-laughing by this point.

Daddy and his babies.

Pretty boy

Look at that drool!  Those teeth need to stop!

I was able to slip away for an evening to see the Zach Brown Band with my girlfriends.

The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

Hot Wheeler

Go, go, Power Wheels!

Breakfast out

Trying to figure out the straw

Playing in the sand box




Dance, dance, dance!!!!

Cheering on American Pharoah


The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

First word!  He held out on the one syllable words and threw out a double on the first try!


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