Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rivers and Windmills

While in Iowa, we also attended a confirmation party for a cousin of mine.  They live on a bluff overlooking the great Mississippi River.  It is a gorgeous view to say the least!  They had a sandbox under their deck and some of the kids found the water spigot and wanted to play in the "mud".  Finn & Fish weren't as impressed with squishing the wet sand as I would have thought.  But they didn't mind standing in it.

This is their backyard -- breathtaking.

 Can you see Finn?  She is wearing an orange shirt and standing at the base of the windmill for size perspective.

We also visited Iowa's wind farm that is about 15 miles away from my parents' house.  There are a total of 17 windmills sitting out in the wide-open farmland of Iowa.  It's also breathtaking.  I love the fact that Iowa is pretty progressive in a lot of ways.

You can see how much the wind was blowing by looking at Finn's hair whipping in the wind.

This photo contains 16 of the 17 windmills.  Some are a lot smaller on the horizon, but if you enlarge the photo, we will find all of them.  The 17th is actually just out of shot on the left -- that was the windmill that we stopped to take photos at.

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