Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's a nice day for a....

White Wedding!  While in Iowa, the family hit up a cousin's wedding.  It was a hot ticket with Finn.  She was so excited about the wedding.  She was talking about it for weeks.  She would tell me about what she was going to wear "when she gets married", what Fish was going to wear, how she was going to dance.  Girlfriend had wedding fever by the time that the wedding arrived.  And the wedding didn't fail to impress the little girl.

Cory came with his two boys and my parents came with us as well.

My grandparents were there and Cory and I were able to get a photograph of them with our kids.

I also tried to snap a photo of Mimi and Papa with all their grandkids.  Getting four kids to all look and smile at the same time while at a reception -- practically impossible.

After we ate and drank, we went to the park that was right next door.  The kids let out a lot of steam there and I ruined my heels walking through the grass and mulch (Ugh!).  Once we heard the music start, we corralled the kids and went back inside to from serious dancing.  There is one thing that me and my kids know how to do -- and that's dance!  There was a little intimidation going on at the beginning -- but once she started to feel comfortable, holy hell.  The girl would just run up to a random little girl, grab both of her hands, and start trying to dance with her.  Most of the little girls were not interested -- at all.  It almost broke my heart watching her get rejected time and time again.  But she didn't give a hoot.  Once one little girl would let go of her hands and turn away, she just ran to another one and tried to find a new dance partner.

Don't let these photos fool you...  NEITHER one of my kids wanted to dance with me.  I had visions of dancing the night away with both of my kids.  But Fish didn't want to be held at all.  He wanted to stand in the middle of the dance floor and dance by himself.  And Finn didn't want to dance with an old lady -- she wanted to dance with a friend.  In fact, most of my night was simply trying to keep my eyes peeled for her to make sure that she didn't head towards one of the two exits in the place.  One of her favorite things to do was to run into the big group of adults dancing in the middle of the floor and come out the other side.  Both kids were definitely in their element while dancing.

One of my favorites of the night... The light just happened to fall on her face perfectly.

And going along with the wedding theme, my cousin Kaitlyn had her senior prom while we were back.  It's tradition that the prom attendee gets all dudded up and makes the rounds amongst their family.  And Mimi's house was one of the stopping point.  Finn was in awe of her beautiful dress.

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