Monday, May 25, 2015

A Long Time Ago.... In a galaxy far away...

It feels like forever and a day that I have written here.  I have had such great intentions of doing so in the past couple of weeks, but haven't had time to go through my photos.  Two weeks ago, we arrived back from Iowa and we were in Iowa for three weeks before that.  This week, E's family is visiting for the week, so I need to get something up before I'm almost 10-12 weeks behind.  I have plenty of photos from the last couple of weeks, so I guess I'll be playing catch up.

Our first weekend in Iowa, we had an Easter egg hunt put on by my family.  They were super wonderful and waited three weeks (I think) so that my kids could participate in the hunt.  And we all know that Finn is a HUGE Egg hunter.  So she was super duper excited about this.  And she didn't stop until all the eggs were picked up.  My family tends to do things overboard sometimes --in fact, Owen (my bro's kid who is Finn's age) used a five-gallon bucket as his basket.  And he filled it!

I love being home -- my home-home, the place that will always be my home regardless of where I live.  My family is really close and really large -- so there is always someone to catch up with and someone to laugh with.  Fish didn't really get into the egg-picking as he does at home.  I think there was too much other strange things for him to pay more attention to.  But he did help out Owen for a hot minute.

Fish is also quite the bag-boy.  Mimi bought some purses for Finn to play with and carry around.  They were a huge hit (as are some of her other ones at home) and he wore the two purses around in style (and in his jammies).

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