Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The rain, the park and other things...

 The Cowsills have it right...  The rain, the park, the flowers...  We have been hitting up the park a lot lately.  And it has been raining a lot lately.  So hopefully all those flowers will be popping up soon.  The park is always a good time.  I'm surprised that Fish isn't as into slides as I would have thought.  Finn & Fish both love the swings.  I think that would be their favorite piece of park equipment when asked (takes after their mama, who if E comes with us, usually lets me swing for a bit -- it's in the family blood).

In fact, I just taught the girl a new thing about the swings.  I taught her all about underdogs.  Do you guys know what an underdog is (well, besides the team you should always cheer for)?  E didn't know what an underdog was either.  But it was something as a middle school girl we used to do with our friends all the time.  An underdog is when you push someone in the swing and run underneath them to get them to go high.  She loves it and requests it all the time now.

It seems like a while since I've updated on how things are going on a daily here.  I'm still a SAHM.  I love it most days, but there are some days where I really wish that I could return to the work force.  I find myself very nostalgic for jobs that I remember not being terribly happy in.  I think that a lot of my nostaglia is the freedom and independence that it gave me, because some of the jobs occurred after I had Finn.  I am trying to make some doctors appointments and would love to travel to visit a friend or two, but am now realizing the constraints of choosing this lifestyle.  I think part of it is also being ready for the day, which in an essence just means getting pretty.  I've tried to incorporate more "getting pretty" days, but some days I'm better than others.

I broke my tooth last week and after visiting the dentist whom I'm quite petrified of, I left with the knowledge of having way too many cavities in my teeth than I care to admit and also an appointment with a consultation for wisdom teeth removal.  THAT should be buckets of fun.  Everyone tells you that pregnancy will wreak havoc on your teeth.  I didn't listen and didn't go to the dentist during either of my pregnancies and I didn't go in between either (because I get hives thinking about sitting in the chair).  The kicker of the visit?  The hygienist decided to lecture me on becoming a regular patient to, you know, "set a good example for my kids".  I was furious and wanted to walk out that second.  But I'll suck it up for a pretty smile despite the lecturing lady.

That kid, right there.  He is going to be a handful.  He is the loudest kid around -- during both happy moments and sad moments.  But his vocals really take flight when he is mad.  He is already mastering the tantrum and the stalk-away-pout.  But his squeals and screams of joy are pretty amazing (even if E thinks that they hurt his ears).  He is also becoming quite the climber and Mr. Independent.  He can get up on the sofa all by himself now.  And he can also climb from a chair to the table -- witnessed that one yesterday.  He is definitely my mischief maker.  We still have no words, but he is quite the conversationalist despite not speaking my language yet.  And I'm getting pretty good at his language -- at least good enough to avert 60% of his tantrums.

And this girl, right here.  She is going to be a handful as well.  She is a nonstop talker, jabberjaw.  She loves all things girly and pink.  And she does NOT like little brother getting into her business.  We are really trying to work past the pushing and hitting of her little brother -- it's not going quickly, but I'm hopeful that by the time she reaches 16, we won't be pushing him down anymore.  Actually looking at their size, he may be bigger than her before his third birthday and then the roles might be reversed. But she is also a lots and lots of fun and her reasoning always makes me laugh (even at the times when I'm supposed to be reprimanding her which makes me have to stop and compose myself so she doesn't see me smiling at her).

These two together can be a gaggle of geese and then the next minute be a murder of crows.  Today, they are being a murder of crows (or at least making me want to murder crows).  Both of them decided to boycott their afternoon naps.  Normally, Finn boycotts.  In the last two weeks, I can get her nap about 50% of the time, which I'm assuming just means that she is outgrowing the afternoon nap.  But Fish is ALWAYS a napper.  I'm not much of a sleeper so I think that Finn gets her sleeping patterns from me. As an adult before children, I was up before 7 on most weekends (and the majority of the weekends as a child as well). E is a big sleeper and used to love to sleep in.  I think Fish will take after him.  But today with both of them not being in the best moods and not being able to stay away from each other, it's a recipe for disaster.  But it also means an early bedtime, yeah!!

The kids and I are heading to Iowa tomorrow for a couple of weeks.  We have a baptism, an Easter celebration, a photo shoot, and a wedding.  It will be a busy couple of weeks, but we are super excited for it all.  My family held off on celebrating Easter together so that the kids and I could make it, which is really wonderful (especially since Finn didn't get to do an Easter egg hunt at the township). Knowing this, the posting may be a little shoddy, but I'll try to do what I can to get photos up.  I know that I can get my phone photos up (so those will be going up regularly), but will try to get the camera photos up as quickly as I can.

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