Friday, April 3, 2015

Mother of the Year -- The Early Easter version

Did you guys hear something last weekend on Saturday morning at about 11:34am EST?  No, you missed it?  Yeah, well, I totally won the Mother of the Year Award about that time.  See that basket with the lone blue egg in it?  That's what Finn got at the township's annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year was a big success.

 Last year's basket after the township egg hunt...

This year -- not so much.  The egg hunt was held last Saturday and the temperature outside was hovering around 26 degrees with a pretty nice wind, which probably brought the wind chill down to about 10 (at least that is what it felt like).  I had some preconceived notions on how the egg hunt was going to go -- like I thought it was going to be held in the same fashion as it was the year before, in which all the kids were divided into their age groups and then the start times were staggered so that everyone could watch each hunt if they so chose.  After being held up by a train, we arrived at 11:33 and by the time that we got the kids out of the car, we saw the kids picking up the last of the eggs.  Finn & I raced out to the big kids hunt (which they moved into a smaller area this year) and I was able to secure one egg for her to pick up.  To say that she was upset was an understatement.  This is coming from a child who for the past 12 months has watched dogs hunting Easter eggs over and over and over and over again.  I'm assuming that the town thought it best that everyone not freeze and so they released all the kids at exactly 11:30am and being that the weather was so brutal they downsized the hunt thinking that not a lot of people would bring their kids out in the misery, so we missed the whole thing.  Epic failure on my part for not showing up early...

Someone still has a Egg-hunt Hangover...

So to make up to her, we dyed Easter eggs later that day.  And being that E was taking off for Ireland and probably going to miss Easter (and the week of eating hard boiled eggs), we only dyed six -- one for each color of tablet (that was left over from last year -- again with the Mother of the Year Award).

To keep Fish from trying to steal the eggs out of the cups, I set him up in the play kitchen next to us.  He decided to become Hurricane Fish and destroyed it.

The egg dying went well.  She had a good time with it and that's all the mattered.  But after the hunting fiasco, E made a special call to the Easter Bunny and he spoke with Finn, telling her that being the weather was so cold, he didn't put out a lot of eggs at the town hunt and that he would drop some off the following morning in our yard for her.  So the next morning was our annual Front Yard Egg Hunt.

The weather was a lot nicer (though not a lot warmer -- maybe 10 degrees, but the wind wasn't a vicious).  And the kids had an excellent time.  Even though he was a first-timer this year, Fish was a professional egg-picker-upper.  And that's saying it professional with a capital "P".  Granted Finn didn't really want to share any eggs with her little brother, meaning that when we told her to leave this one or that one for her brother, she always scooped them up and put them in her basket!  But Fish got enough to make him happy and so it was a success!  I think I might have redeemed myself from the day before.

While I was taking photos, E was shooting some video with his phone.  I merged three of the videos together.

He even knew exactly what to do when we sat down at the kitchen table.

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