Monday, April 6, 2015

A Week in the Life -- The St. Paddy's-Easter Edition (v.2015.5)

 Celebrating our Irish photo shoot with a meal at an Irish pub

She loved wearing that dress out in public.

Munky getting his Irish on.

An Irish breakfast on St. Patty's Day

This face occurs A LOT lately.  He has quite the tantrums.  This time, he was mad at the truck for not going the way that he wanted it to go.

An afternoon tea party

This kid can have conversations with you without saying a single recognizable word (and an attitude as well).

He learned how to stomp and was so full of himself.

Lucy & Stella snuggles

He grew a 'stache over night!

This was an art project she did for school for St. Patrick's Day.

I was grating beets and she refused to touch my hand.

When asked how to spell Dunkin' Donuts, she spells her own name.

This is usually what it looks like when I'm cooking dinner.

I found him in the tub of playdoh while cooking dinner.

Basement fun!

Finn went on her first field trip -- Daddy was a volunteer.  She is the little one in the red pants.

Daddy headed over to Ireland, so as a good-bye, Finn & Fish took him to Dunkin' Donuts that morning.  She was so excited to get a peep INSIDE her sprinkle donut.

He was all business inside the donut shop.

Like ALLLLLLL business.

Fish's latest obsession is wearing Finn's purses.

Being funny

Lookin' sharp in a Care Bear tote.

Easter baskets

The Easter Bunny left tracks in our house to show the kids where he hid the baskets...

Fish was so excited for the candy inside eggs, that he threw the candy in his mouth -- tinfoil and all!

She was very excited about her basket -- lots of little packages to open.

With E being gone, our Easter was very low-key.  This is how we spent it -- in our jammies most of the day and then on the floor the rest.

Love this kid.

Modeling an orange rubber satchel.

He now knows his nose, teeth, and belly and on a good day, he knows his eyes.  He also has the same sound for cows, dogs, and cats.

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