Friday, April 10, 2015

Some of my worst mistakes were haircuts...

So last week, the infamous "first haircut" happened for Fish.  And the second for Finn, to which I'm sure you say "What?!?!?!?!  The girl is three years old!"  And I say, "yes, yes..."  She doesn't have much of a style, so I tried to maintain the bangs by trimming them regularly, but they have seemed to have gotten away from me and I needed some professional help.  Before I continue, I must caveat the story with "while I love the cut that he ended up with, I miss my little mop head baby..."  For the first couple of days, I looked at him and was like "that's SOOOOO not my kid."

So we went to Snipits again -- the same place that we went to with Finn's first haircut.  For Finn's first hair cut, she was 19 months old.  My initial plan was to hold out and wait for Fish's luscious locks to appear.  You know, the curls and the beautiful halo glow that would envelope his head in the early morning sun streaming through our bedroom window.  Unfortunately, my kids did not realize their hair genes from me.  Well, in a sense they did, but it's my mother's hair that both of my kids have.  Mimi's hair is wild, frizzy, fine, and untamable.

Fish's before

Finn's before (beautiful eyes & lashes, girlfriend)

While we were waiting, four boys went before us and every single one of them screamed their heads off.  When it was our turn, Finn went first.  You know, "to show Brother how it was done."  She did great, but "the lips" came out.  She does this face when she is uncomfortable and nervous.  Her upper lip sticks out above her lower lip, she gets really quiet and looks like a deer in headlights (I know that I've mentioned it multiple times on the blog).  Well, "the lips" came out and I melted, thinking about that face and the myriad of times she did it when she was a wee one.  But there was no tears and I looked around thinking "yeah, my kids don't cry for piddle little things like haircuts" -- shouldn't have puffed my chest out so far...

She just got a trim -- no dramatic "before and after" -- still beautiful, very Bette Paige.

This one, on the other hand, didn't do great.  He sat in the chair great.  The hairdresser gave him a sucker and he was a happy camper.  We decided to do buzzers in the back instead of scissors because he gets frizzy in the back.  The clippers were no issues.  Finn & I were busy blowing bubbles his way and he was so distracted with the bubbles that he sat still.  Then Finn decided that she wanted to be the one blowing the bubbles and she also decided that she wanted to be blowing the bubbles for herself and NOT for Fish.  Well, the 15 seconds that it took for me to convince Finn that the bubbles were for Brother and not her, was enough for Mount Fish-ious to erupt.

It was on like Donkey Kong then.  No distraction was going to work.  So she snipped as much as she could off the top while I ended up having to hold the kid down in the chair.  His arms were flailing and his head was thrashing.  By the time that we called it quits on the cut, both he and I were covered in hair, as was his sucker which was thrown on the floor.  Even when the hairdresser walked away, there was no soothing him.  He wanted OUT OF THE PLACE that instant.  I tried to snap a photo while in the place, but he wasn't having it.

Our little rocker

I gave him a new sucker for the car ride home.

This is how I found him when we arrived at home...  Sucker suck under the fat of his chin...

In looking at the cut later on, the top is a little haggard, but the hairdresser did great with what she had to work with.

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