Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Watch out, MaryLou!

It's been quiet around here and as usual, I have a bunch of posts all at once again (three more exactly -- at this moment).  Our current obsession in our house is to "do gymnastics".  She will pull the cushions off the sofa and pile the other cushion on top of that.  And then she proceeds to be flips and jumps off the cushionless sofa.  She is quite a daredevil lately.

Another new obsession is "naked" gymnastics, which take place right before bed.  When I get the two of them undressed for bed, they get about five minutes to race around the upstairs hallway in the buff.  She will run from one end to the other and do her forward rolls along with some spins with her legs up for added bonus.  He will just run back and forth and screech at the top of his lungs.  It is wonderfully to see them both have such a great time together, even though they aren't actually playing together.

This one...  He got a haircut this week and I miss the mop that is on top of his head in this photo.  He looks like such a little boy now -- not my little Fish.  Don't get me wrong, the cut looks great on him, but I miss my little long haired boy.  I really wanted to grow his hair long, long, long -- imagining a beautiful head of curls and such.  But we got lots of frizz and static instead.

She is also still attending preschool two days a week.  I think that she is settling in.  She was really scared to go to school each morning.  And at pickup, the teachers bring the kids out to the waiting line of parents in their cars and when I would pick her up at noon, she would tell me that she didn't want to go back the minute that I held onto her hand to walk her around the car.  I realized I got to the root of the problem when she told me that the kids at school were scary because she didn't know their names.  So I contacted the administrator (as I don't have the teacher's contact) and asked that more name reminding happened with Finn.  And in the last week with that in place, today was the first day and I picked her up and she had nothing but positive things to say about school.

Mornings for Fish and I are quiet on the days that she is gone, like really quiet.  He is still a morning napper.  Due to the timing of his naps (he usually goes down between 10-10:30) and the length (usually between 45-90 minutes) and the time we have to leave the house to pick Finn up (11:30), we don't venture too far away together.

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