Sunday, March 8, 2015

Long overdue birthday weekend

So I'm finally getting around to posting the photos that I took over Finn's birthday weekend.  We were fortunate enough to have BOTH sets of grandparents and an aunt in for the weekend for her special day.  My parents arrived late on Friday night.  Saturday saw a lazy day and baking holiday cookies, of course!  I'm sure that I've told this story somewhere on this blog, but my mother is the QUEEN of the holiday sugar cookie.

When I was little, my elementary school had three holiday parties: Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.  I always always volunteered to bring cookies, meaning that I volunteered my mom to make holiday cookies.  Because who am I kidding -- I didn't really frost and decorate all of them.  She usually ended up with the short end of the stick after my brother and I got bored of frosting and decorating.  The roll-out sugar cookies have stood the test of time.  After my brother and I moved away, my mom would make holiday cookies with her sister's grandkids (my cousins' babies) just because she knew how much fun kids have baking these cookies.  Or maybe it was how much fun she had watching the kids decorate the cookies. 

Either way, the tradition continues.  They baked Halloween cookies last year(my, how time flies). And so Mimi and Finn spent a good chunk of Valentine's Day afternoon baking in the kitchen and a good chunk of Saturday evening decorating cookies.  If I'm being serious, Finn was just eating a lot of the decorations.  We ended up with way too many cookies that were eaten way too quickly.

Opa,  Granny, and Auntie Anita arrived after we all went to bed on Saturday evening.  So it was such a great surprise for her to wake up on Sunday and have them here for her!  We spent the weekend eating lots of breakfast together and spent some good ole' fashion quality time together.  I also apologize for not having any photos of them.  All the photos that are not gifts and cake were taken on Saturday.  I seem to have forgotten my camera for both Sunday and her birthday day.  We also didn't really get dressed all weekend either.  The Elsa shirt that she is wearing for opening up gifts was the only change from jammies that happened on her birthday -- as referenced by the fuzzy pink jammies that are also present in the cake photo at the very bottom.  The only reason that Fish got an outfit change on Monday was that he drooled through his shirt -- these teeth need to show up, the drool is getting out of hand!

Monday morning, I whipped out my camera long enough to take photos of her opening up her gifts.  I won't bore you with all the gifts, but I thought it was pretty funny that I had a before photo and an after (see three photos below).  I also thought that Norman was quite interested in what was going on with the gifts.  In fact, he was quite interested in all the guests that were in the house, which is unusual for him.  It's usually Lucy who is the social butterfly -- not this weekend.  Norman was up in everyone's grill for most of the weekend.

And we finished up the weekend with cake on Monday night, complete with a "happy birthday" rendition that satisfied Finn.  She is very particular about how you sing "happy birthday" if you dont' see the right notes, she stops you and tells that that you are singing it wrong and then begins to sing it the correct way.

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