Friday, March 13, 2015

A Week in the Life (v.2015.4)

We hit up the Rainforest (which is attached to the Zoo) a couple of weeks ago.  They have a small safari set up with porcupines.  Every 5-10 minutes, a "thunderstorm" comes through complete with rain and fog after the rain.  Fish was quite intrigued.

It was our lucky day!  The sloth was right next to the window!

Finn got up in the window to take a closer look.

She asked me to hold the mirror and then proceeded to make funny faces at herself.

Group selfie with a boy with a fever and a girl in her jammies at 5pm.

Somebody wasn't feeling good at all.

And somebody else refused to get out of her jamies.

School sends home homework with her each Tuesday which needs to be completed before Friday.  Crazy the puppy watched her.

Practicing writing "7"s.

Morning songs with Fish.

It was a rough week last week.

We are having problems with her eating all her snack at school.  Well not problems with her not eating it, just problems with her "wanting to save it for later" -- especially items that can't be "saved for later".

Sunday mornings are for play-doh.  Last Sunday, Mommy got in the action and made Sven into a pig.

And Mommy also turned Elsa into an elephant.

Someone loves to get dirty while eating.

We are now running into issues with her being scared to go to school (more like nervous), some mornings she is treated with a donut (don't judge).

Dancing on the car ride to school helps with nerves!

She is already prepping for her day job!

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