Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better on your face than on your cookie

 This past weekend, my parents came out and visited.  My dad (aka Papa) and E were busy with huge house projects (such as fixing a leaky roof and starting to put our basement back together again).  Due to the fact that I'm pregnant-broken and also pregnant-stupid (which was a word that was said multiple times this weekend to describe my mental state), I am not allowed to help in the house remodel, which I normally like to participate in.  I was once "the queen of the roof", ask E about that one sometime.

But Mimi and I had to find things to occupy Finn's time.  Mimi busted out her tried and true -- Girlfriend got to participate in her first holiday cookie making!!!  It was quite grand.  And we learned that she likes to eat flour.  I mean, I knew that girlfriend liked to eat just about everything, but didn't realize that straight flour was also among that list, although if given the choice -- frosting would be even higher than flour.

She had to have eaten one entire cookie in flour and dough.  And when it came time to "decorate" the cookies, she refused to eat the cookie and would only lick the decorations off the top.  I think we re-frosted those cookies at least three times.

I think that Finn is quite enamored with Mimi and Papa.  In fact, the entire weekend I was basically
Finn-free because Mimi had top billing.  Mimi was the one that Finn followed to the potty.  Mimi was the one that had to rock her to sleep for her nap.  Mimi was the one that had to carry her here or there.  She cried when Mimi and Papa got in their car and we got in ours to head to daycare and them back to Iowa because she wasn't sitting right next to Mimi.  Mom has a week or so of vacation built up and is planning on coming out near the end of October again -- which will make Finn very happy.

As I type, E is sitting in the airport to go to an out-of-town meeting.  This means that he will be gone for 48 hours.  Most of the time, I'm over-the-moon that I get to whoop it up all single-like (ha!).  Actually every other time, I look forward to spending some quality, strong-independent-women time with my household of girls and two neutered boys.  Not so much this time.  I'm still feeling the strong-independent-women thing -- because I know that I can do this on my own (that's usually how I like to roll).  But I'm NOT feeling the exhaustion that this is going to cause in me by Friday evening.  Exhaustion from taking care of a 20-month old on crutches.  Exhaustion from taking care of a household of pets on crutches.  Exhaustion from taking care of my 22-weeks-pregnant self all by myself on crutches.  You can expect a full report of how we all fared within the week.  Let's pray that it's not going to be full of curse words.

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