Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A (broken) Week in the Life (v.14.2)

So this happened on Sunday morning...  I fell down the stairs with Finorah and broke one of my cuneiform bone in my foot.  I was more concerned about Finn & Fish in the fall and neither even got a bump.

This was how I spent Sunday -- leave it to my luck to be 19.5 weeks pregnant with an almost 19 month old at home and 6 weeks no-weight-bearing.  Life hasn't been as kind as I would have wanted lately...

My always present companion.  He spent a good chunk of Sunday simply being by me.

Someone had rice cakes for the first time on Sunday.  She actually loved them.

The Rice Cake Olympics.  Girlfriend saw Mama with her foot up and thought that she needed her foot up as well -- only she didn't have pillows.

Girlfriend's hair is getting LONG...  A friend was able to put a bun in her hair with her Geisha stick.

Close up of said bun.

 And in his first appearance in "A Week in the Life" -- we had our anatomy scan with Fish yesterday.  Everything looks great and we are still on scheduled for his January 30th arrival.

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