Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Couple Months in the Life (v.2015.7)

The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

Bunny teeth!

Trying to get into a walker solo

Sharp dressed man!

Beautiful boy

Finn heading down to the lake to go fishing with Owen & Uncle Cory

Fish and I walking behind

Fishing with Papa

The big lunker!

According to Finn, we hit the fish factory (or fish hatchery for anyone else in the know).

There was a website that you submit a photo to and it told you your age.  This was our first try.  I tried to make my skin as smooth as possible (Dad was laughing at my face). Big hint...  I'm NOT 49 and he is NOT 62.

Then I decided to make as many wrinkles on my face as possible.  Apparently my dad looks younger than me!

Finally I tried to take a regular one and apparently my senior photo hanging on the wall behind me (where I was 17 years old) looks 57, but I look 28!

Visiting in the Iowan wind farm

Silly boy!

Drag racin' in the grocery store.

My sister-in-law took some photos of me and the kids (which she is going to kill me because I never picked them up AGAIN), but she also got her kids out and took grandkids photos.   Fish was the Three Stooges sideshow with all the eye poking that he was doing.

Silly Fish.

Silly Finn & Fish

Tired baby snuggles.  I'm going to miss these.

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