Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Green is the new black

At the end of May, we got a week long visit by E's sister and her family.  We hit up Kalahari water park which was an hour away and all around that a good time that week.  The girls all had matching Irish step dancing costumes which we, of course, had to take photos of.  And E searched through his closet to help his nephew find something to wear to be included in the photos.  It was pretty warm that day, so I wasn't going to put Fish in his heavy Irish corduroy outfit.

We spent that entire evening outside and my kids came away with about 7-8 bug bites each once it was time to go to bed.  Those poor kids have my bug-scent.  I am ALWAYS the one that comes away with all the bug bites -- E never receives a single one while I get about 10.  Poor kids have a long road to hoe for later summers.

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