Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The head scratcher

Pennsylvania seems to be where blogs go to die.  Or at least my blog did that.  To be fair, this blog was more for myself, as a record keeping for memories and memories of my kids to be looked back on.  And I feel horrible that I lost this year -- a year filled with firsts and big developments for my kids.  I still have two drafts set up for both of the kids' first days of school this past September.  Each filled with photos, but just needed words.

I am at a total impasse of where to go from here.  Being that this is for my records, do I go ahead and word/photo vomit the past year on you guys?  Or do I just give a couple highlights and move onward and upward?

Until that point -- enjoy one of the most recent photos of the kids before school.

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