Friday, April 19, 2013

14 Month Update

  • Finorah's unofficial weight is 22.8 pounds and in wrangling her, she is 30 inches tall.
  • We are walking!  She took her first steps about two weeks ago.  She is still really unsure of herself, so crawling is still her main mode of transportation.  She only walks in between close pieces of furniture and in between me & E when we ask.  She has taken up to 15 steps in between the two of us.  She thinks it is an absolute riot.
  • We are in size 4 diapers and fitting into 12-18 month clothes.  I'm thankful for the change in weather because I'm getting tired of her winter clothes.  Sure the girl is a clothes horse (I make sure of that) -- but we have SOOO many cute summer clothes and I'm super excited for warmer weather!
  • We are hitting minor road bumps in her eating habits.  The girl still eats, but she is starting to get picky and choosy about what she wants to eat.  That mostly means that veggies are hitting the floor.  And sometimes she will eat meat and sometimes she refuses the same type of meat the following day.  She will never turn down cheese, tea biscuits, yogurt bites, and fruit.  A surprise new favorite of ours are peas and pork & beans!

  • We have eight teeth now!  Two months ago, she had three and she cut five teeth within one week!  She spiked a temperature of 104+ and developed a severe rash along with an upper respiratory and double ear infections!  That was a fun week in our household -- especially because E was out of town helping a friend.  But we rocked it out and came out with five more teeth in the end.
  • She has two new "words" in her vocabulary.  She says "ball" as well as "arf arf" for the puppy dogs.  She tries to repeat sounds that I make.  She has a toy that has teeny pillows placed in a pocket of the letter that the pillow begins with (i.e. an apple is stored in the "a" pocket, a ball is stored in the "b" pocket, etc...).  For the umbrella, I usually make the noise of an umbrella opening and then the sound of rain coming down.  She will pull out the umbrella and try to make that same noise that I make.  Super cute.  When I say "fish" or "duck", she will try to repeat those.  

  • Daycare has told us that she knows multiple parts on her face (nose, eyes, ears) and she can point to each little kid in her room as their names are said.  She can also draw circles when asked.  Unfortunately, she gets tired of over-achieving at daycare and refuses to do any of these things for us at night.  Now granted, we just found out about this a day or two ago.  And I'm sure that we are going to be trying hard within the next couple of days to get her to do those things with us.
  • We do LOTS of pointing at what we want.  And we also do a lot of pointing that things that interest her and she wants us to look at them as well.  She loves watching the birds at our bird feeder and the squirrels and deer in our yard.
  • The girl should be on Solid Gold!  She loves to dance and refuses to allow anyone to dance without her.  If she is sitting in her high chair and I bust out in an impromptu dance move, she starts protesting and pointing at me.  If I continue to dance, she will end up crying because I'm dancing without her.  But she doesn't do a lot of dancing by herself yet.  She likes Mama's dancing more.

  • About a month ago, we had an amazing stretch of four nights where she slept in her crib the entire night -- until 6am.  Then, she got sick & that disrupted her sleeping patterns.  Isn't that how it always goes?  We are just getting back into our routine of putting her in her crib and for the past two nights, she has slept in her crib with only a quick 15-20 minutes in our bed.  She falls asleep in our bed and is moved to her crib.  She usually wakes up at least two times.  If we can get to her before she really starts crying, we can get her to sleep without picking her up.  If she wakes fully up, E has moved her into our bed until she falls asleep and then he returns her to her crib.  It's not completely ideal, but it is a great step in the right direction.
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