Friday, January 9, 2015

Gone fishin' at 48 weeks

---Unscientifically, Fish is weighing in at 23.5 pounds and is 31 long.  He is a monster!
---We are still in size 4 diapers, but have a feeling that those times are numbered.  The belly is expanding and if it continues, the tabs are not going to be closing very well.
---We moved over to 12-18 month clothes.  He is in 12 month pants, which are too short.  The pants that he is wearing above are actually 18 month pants.  The 18 month pants are fit a little loose in the waist and only ride high on the ankles when he is sitting down.  The 12 month pants are already too short -- either he is growing or I need to learn how to do wash!  We are still working with the 12 month pants, just throwing leg warmers on to keep his poor ankles from getting a chill in the arctic weather that we are currently having.  He is in 12 month months.  Some fit perfectly, others are on the small size in length.

---We are still breastfeeding.  He is as avid about it as Finn was.  She was like clockwork, crying if we forget.  With him, he doesn't need it and during the day would prefer a sippy cup of something or another.  But he is still nusing in the middle of the night and it has kicked up more recently (which I think has to do with teeth).  Nighttime is the only time where he isn't too distracted to eat.  My goal with him was 12 months and I joke that I'm not going to let him quit until I am down to my fightin' weight again.
---The boy loves to eat, honestly LOVES to eat.  But I can see preferences coming out.  He isn't into eating noodles or cheese, which surprises me.  But he loves beans, muffins, crackers, carrots, breakfast sausages, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese and applesauce pouches.  When he is done eating, he simply throws all the food on his high chair tray over the side, looking down as it falls and watching the dog eat it up, laughing.  When he gets angry that he isn't getting what he wants or is completely over eating, he will swipe his hands back and forth on his tray, sending food flying.  We are starting him on whole milk occasionally in a sippy.  He still plays more than he drinks and ends up with milk completely soaking the front of his shirt by the time he throws the cup down.
---He is crawling so fast now.  It amazes me that he can get some point A to point B so quickly.  His whole body (most booty) swings side to side in his hurry, getting him there even faster.

---He has been cruising for a while.  But now he can stand on his own for long periods of time (over a minute at least).  You can see him check himself as he is losing balance to one side and correct himself.  But still no walking.  I can set him about 5 feet in front of me and let him go.  He will stand there and then take a single step to me as he falls into my arms.  And when he is standing along something and wants to get to another piece of furniture, there is no reaching yet.  He will sit down on his booty and crawl the 5-6 feet to the final destination.
---The kid still only has two teeth.  I'm thinking that we are getting more teeth soon (maybe within the next week or two).  He is getting crankier and pulling on ears.  He is also doing this thing with his tongue where he sticks out his tongue and rubs his gums, sometimes the top gums and sometimes the bottom.  Finn didn't get her next set of teeth until 49 weeks (then she got all four top teeth at once).  So my kids just get their teeth late.
---He is a jabber jaw.  He doesn't talk all the time. But when he does, it is lengthy conversation.  He is finally saying "mama" -- not to me, just in jabber.  Lots of unrecognizable syllables put together, no "dadadadada" or "papapapap" or "babababa" or "mamamamamam". 

---Dude is a dancer with a capital "D".  Any music will get him going, even his sister's singing.  He is going to fit in to the kitchen dance parties without a doubt. 
---He still sleeps well.  The nighttime isn't full of restful sleep lately (which I'm hoping is teething's fault).  If we are on our normal schedule, he takes a morning nap (about 45 minutes) and an afternoon nap (about 90 minutes).  If we miss the morning nap, he can lengthen his afternoon nap into over 2.5 hours (but is a BEAR that morning).  He doesn't need the soothing that Finn did (and still does) to fall asleep, but he is a snuggler.  He will fall asleep on your chest in a heartbeat if he is tired.  But rocking with a tired Fish will put him to sleep within 2-3 minutes. 
---We have a drama queen on our hands.  He has begun to throw fits of epic proportion.  If something is taken away from him or he doesn't get what he wants, he begins to screech LOUD.  It isn't a continuous screech -- just a 5 second ear-splitting shriek and then he'll cry.  His arms also flail around and he will bury his head.  Total drama. 

---But he also has the most amazing squeals of delight.  Those happen more often when we arrive upstairs and he realizes that he is going to get a bath.  But they also have been known to happen during indoor sled rides as well.

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