Monday, March 18, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.8.3)

 Finorah's first school photos

 Finorah's first school photos

 Finorah's first school photos

 With her photos, we also got a bag with her picture on the side and the bag says "I'm a star at daycare!"  I'll be stylin' supporting this bag!

 Daddy loves to put on her shades -- she is too cool for school.

 Playing with Munk in the morning

 Daddy was trying to take a photo of her chipmunk cheeks (full of animal crackers) and she got mad.

Chipmunk cheeks!

The minute she hears music and I'm holding her her right arm goes out and starting bouncing up and down because she wants to dance.  She LOVES dancing!

Putting on jewelery.

Daddy dressed her like an Irish Pimp on Friday for daycare.  She was a big hit (even without her hair being brushed)!

Lovin' on the kitty in the morning.


Our pretty little Irish Princess

I bought this beautiful green dress for St. Patrick's Day.  Unfortunately, the temps were not the same as last years (80+ degrees).  We were sitting at about 30 degrees and couldn't wear our dress out without a sweater.

We did get to go to a St. Patrick's Day party where the little lady was a show stopper.

Showing off her beautiful dress.

Being that we love St. Patrick's Day, we also dressed fabulously for the day (though the weather was too cold for the parade).

We spent St. Patrick's Day rocking away on our princess pony!

Pretty lashes while napping.

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