Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Erin go Bragh!

In case you didn't realize with a name like Finorah Mary Margaret (insert really Irish last name here), our household really likes to celebrate our Irish heritage   And although St. Patrick's Day is not really celebrated in Ireland, we chose to really celebrate it because it's a celebration of E's family's homeland.  In our older and more responsible age, we didn't choose to celebrate by drinking copious amounts of green beer or drinking all day.  But we did Ireland right in the few ways that we know how and made it a three day event.  And one of those was putting Finn in at least three different green outfits.

Friday began the celebration by E putting the lady in her Irish Pimp outfit.  The shamrock turtleneck was a gift from some very close friends and their 10 month old son (her future husband).  The green corduroy pants and jacket were a funny story.  As I'm sure you are aware, we like to go thrift shopping (back before it was made popular by Macklemore).  I usually go hunting for baby clothes for her.  The Baby Gap green pants were found and put in the bottom of our cart.  Lady and I continued to shop and I found the cutest Baby Gap green jacket.  It was on a hanger, so it was hung along the side of the cart.  When we met up with E to show him our steals, only then did I realize that I had an Irish tuxedo in our cart.  By that time, it was too late.  E knew exactly what he was going to do with them once they were purchased.

The ladies at daycare were in love with her Irish outfit.  E had texted me a photo of her outfit and I will readily admit that it was way cuter in the flesh than it was in my head.  I told him that I was disappointed that I wasn't at home when he put her in that outfit, as by the time that I pick her up, she will be all dirty from eating.  And she obliged by not getting dirty that day and we had a photo shoot outside when we got home.

Saturday morning, she had on a Irish tutu complete with felt shamrocks embedded in the tulle.  We unfortunately got NO photos of that outfit.  But she did wear it all day.  E didn't want to take it off when we left the house and had to put her red coat on her.  So she looked a little Christmas for a portion of the day.  But she still rocked that tutu.  We went to eat at our local bar/restaurant (the same one that we went the night that she was born).  There I ate some traditional Irish food (corned beef and cabbage with potatoes & carrots) and we both drank Guinness.

That night, we were invited to an Irish party -- not the kind of parties that you are used to thinking of as St. Patrick's parties.  I had purchased a beautiful "Irish princess" dress.  I was so excited that we had a reason to put the dress on and leave the house.  We went to the party and had a great time.  We drank Smithwicks and Finn had the little living room enthralled with her beautiful self.

Sunday, she was dressed in yet another green outfit.  I have a couple photos of this outfit (edit: from my good camera -- there is a iPhone photo below of the Sunday outfit), but didn't include them here because I chose too many from the first two outfits.  But Sunday was an outfit from E's childhood friends.  It was a beautiful green plaid dress with a gray wool cardigan.  She truly looked like a little Irish schoolgirl.  And she was cute as a button, of course.  So we chose to celebrate this St. Patrick's Day by dressing her up in as many outfits as possible.  It was the best possible way to celebrate.  No hangovers and no regrets!  Except maybe not taking more photos...

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