Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy birthday, 'Merica!

Last night, we busted out our red, white & blue and set out to see some fireworks (despite the fact that we had threatened to miss them due to Finn's absence of a nap that afternoon).  It was great to go out as a family, which has been a while (even if someone wasn't on her best behavior and she screamed and cried in the car quite a bit while traveling to the fireworks).  We hit the lake to watch the sun set.  Due to the low lying clouds on the horizon, we didn't get to the spectacular sunsets that our little park usually provides.  The fireworks began at 9:45 and the kids both stayed awake through the entire thing.  But Finn wasn't impressed by them and didn't like how loud they were.

Exactly how much of the 30 minutes of fireworks went.

I figured with the rest of the post I would do a stream of consciousness, which I haven't done in a LONG TIME...
  • Fish is beginning his word explosion.  He began a couple of weeks ago by saying "dog-gie" and "kit-kat" within hours of each other.  He has been known to say "book", "dada", "yes" &"'tella" (for our cat Stella), although he doesn't say all those words often.  And he is constantly mimicking the words that we are speaking to him.  Most of his words are words that only we understand what he is saying because they aren't clearly defined -- but definitely the same words over and over for a certain object.  I love watching his brain work.
  • Life has been rough (putting it nicely) for us lately.  E is in the process of switching over his jobs, which requires him to be 50% of the time PA (just north of Philly) and 50% of his time here in CLE.  That is a lot of travel for him (7.5 hours drive each way).  And we are in the process of trying to buy a house out there.   The kids and I went out once and visited seeing houses and we made our decision that weekend.  The house north of Philly is a beautiful house, which we will make our home, but right now it's just not our home (if that makes sense and as my previous post refers to). But also although the new house has more square footage, I'm not sure where that living space is because I remember it being smaller than our current home.  We will find that out when we get there (hopefully -- as this whole second mortgage business is for the f'ing birds).  And while E was traveling back and forth, I was trying to be a single mom, keep a clean house and start to pack all at the same time.  I almost had a mental break -- I think we may end up doing a partial pack with the movers to save my sanity.
  • The kids have been not well behaved as of late.  I think this is mostly due to the fact that our house is in shambles and their routine has went out the window in my need to "get-all-the-things-done-immediately" mentality.  Plus I think that both of them are going through really back transitional periods.  Fish is really wanting to communicate with us, but can't -- causing TONS of tantrums (sometimes for 45 minutes).  And Finn really thinks that she is going through puberty with all the attitude and sass that is getting thrown my way.  Honestly, the reason that kids turn into nightmares after they are done being cute squishy babies is because now it's too late to give them back.  You are stuck with them.  That girl is always on my last nerve as of late -- everything is about her and nothing is about sharing.  Deep breath in...
  • Also speaking of rough times, we spent a couple of hours in the ER a couple of weeks ago.  Fish woke up looking like he had been in a fight.  His left lower lip was swollen up 3-4 times it's size and it was hard as a rock.  We went to the pediatrician, but she was out of town, so we saw a PA.  Fish doesn't like doctors poking at him, or looking at him for that matter.  So she didn't really get a good look or feel on it.  So she thought that he had an abscess and started talking about staff infections and MERSA.  With that I became petrified and when she said that him to the ER so they can drain it, I immediately went.  It turned out to be a bug bite.  A couple of popsicles and a dose of Benadryl later, we were not swollen anymore and on our way home.  But these kids and mosquito bites...  I can't say that Finn has ever had this before.  They are both severely allergic to these bites.  In fact, right now Finn's left ankle looks like it has elephantiasis due to a bug bite (I'm assuming).  If it doesn't decrease in size and warmth by tomorrow morning, she is getting an appointment with our doctor to discuss what we are going to do about these bites.  I have O- blood which leads me to being bit more often than E -- like ALL THE TIME.  But those of these kids are A-, so I don't know why they are getting bit all the time and why it swells the way that it does.
  • Fish is the sweetest kid ever.  He waves at everyone.  We are walking down the grocery store aisle and he waves at people walking past.  We are sitting in the car and someone is jogging past and he waves.  He is also infatuated with men.  He will willingly go to an older man who is a complete stranger than he would with a women.  Case in point, the minute our realtor for our current place walked into our house, Fish ran up to him and put his arms out for him to pick him up!  No introductions needed.  

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