Monday, July 20, 2015

A (couple) week(s) in the life (v.2015.10)

We went to the Farmpark a couple of weeks ago just to get out of the house.  Everytime we go, we take a photo here.  See our previous trips here and here

 They also tried out a couple of saddles on some barrels.

Finn even got to ride a pony!  But her fawn-face came out (you know the face, the upper lip comes out over the lower lip, absolutely no smile, her eyes start darting around like a scared deer, and no words are uttered). But after it was over, she said that she loved it.

Dancing queens

Or dancing princesses (literally)

Fish is becoming quite the makeup artist.

Staging room by room and taking photos.  This is our beautiful foyer.

 This is a wonderful shot of our dining room.

But behind the scenes, this is really what our house is looking like.  Actually, it's worse now -- look a couple of photos down.

 Fish put on his shoe all by himself for the first time!

 I love dirty babies.  And I can't remember the last time that I did my hair and put on makeup.  I swear my wrinkles have gotten worse in the last couple of weeks.

 I love how I find them sleeping.

 She got a scrap on her nose and demanded a band-aid.  Perfect product placement.

One of our new obsessions is nose kisses.  I find it quite hilarious.

 This is her cankle that I was telling you about.  Their reactions to bug bites are out of this world.

Beautiful girl.

All the babies.

 She got mad because she didn't want to share the camera with Brother.

 I felt terrible that it's just lots of packing and not lots of fun.  So we got out the finger paints late last week.

 Someone enjoyed the painting a little too much.

They had a good time.

 Always the model.

 This is really what our house looks like right now.

Sad and depressing.  Every single photo has been taken off the walls and shit getting real emotionally up in here.

Leaning tower of addiction.
I actually haven't bought a pair of shoes in about two years and this is only part of the stacks.

Current state of affairs in our second guest room.
This is only our storage easements and part of my closet.  Yikes!

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